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Manchester is great if you want to be an Accountant, Elementary teacher, Physical Trainer, or Chemist. However, most of the other programs leave a lot to be desired. The study abroad program is very popular for students, although in many instances it is cost prohibitive. Manchester is very generous with scholarships, but increases their tuition each year substantially so you end up paying quite a bit by your senior year. Further, Manchester typically attracts a very limited scope of students, most of them from small towns in Indiana and not necessarily the "top of the class."


Manchester College is very small, only 1200 students. Schools of this size are pretty unique. For a school so small there are plenty of majors to choose from adn the same can be said about clubs and activities.


The thing that made my choice was the recognizable accounting program that the school offers. As well as the cross country and track program which are increasing in successfulness in recent years.


Manchester is unique to all the other schools that I considered due to its small class sizes. Also I believe that Manchester has a very unique history and campus built around that history.


Employers seem to really like Manchester College graduates, which makes us confident that we will have a job when we graduate.


The community. You won't find a better set of people to be around. There's always somone to lend a hand, ear, or shoulder if needed.


At Manchester, although it is important to be successful academically, the focus here is on learning. The type of learning stressed here is not particularly facts and figures, but cultural learning, social learning, learning about environmental responsibilities, learning how your actions affect the lives of others, learning through practice, learning how to challenge your beliefs, and most importantly, learning the danger of passive acceptance. The professors here challenge you to think for yourself, including searching out answers to your questions, going beyond the textbooks and digging deeper into the subject, and asking the opinions of others.

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