Manchester University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I am very happy I decided to come to this college because the classes are small, which means that the relationship with the professor is more bonding. The professors actually know your name and they take the time to help you with anything you need not just academic situations. Also I enjoy the small campus which allows me to get anywhere on campus in five minutes.


When I tell people I go to Manchester they usually think "wow, that's a great school" because they hear about how much it costs to go there. Or they think I went to school in England. Most of the time I'm on campus I'm in class because I prefer not to be on campus if I don't have to be. The administration really don't care what the students think and are more concerned with starting satellite campuses than making improvements to the main campus. Most recently the Student Government Association decided to ban smoking on campus which created a small uproar, but for the most part students have very little pride in the school (except the ones who are paid to - aka 'student ambassadors') and therefore don't really care about the decisions of the SGA.

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