Manhattan College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I'm certain the most frustrating aspect regarding my school is the incredible amount of stairs. Walking up and down the exceptionally steep stairs every day gets to be quite exhausting. If there were less steep stairs getting around campus would be exponentially easier and much more convenient as well as enjoyable.


The food could be better!


There are no glaringly frustrating aspects of Manhattan college; if anything, the campus is a bit far from NYC, but a 35 minute subway ride is not horrible. Overall, the campus is really easy to manage and the classes are amazing...Unfortunately, the food could be better, but hey, it's college!


For me, the toughest part of school has been affording it. I have no complaints in virtually any other aspect of school. Coming from a very challenging high school, the academic adjustment wasn?t very hard for me. I?ve made friends and have had plenty of great experiences at school; however, the one aspect of my college life that constantly worries ime is affording it. Coming from a single-parent house hold, and in this economy, I?ve found it nearly impossible to afford my dream school, which I am presently enrolled in.


how rich people are and coming from a middle class family its very frustrating