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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


As I am still living in the same town and haven't moved very far in my schooling, the best pieces of advice I feel I could give myself would be to apply earlier, take challenging classes, save money, and become less involved with friends. I procrastinated with my college applications. Even though financially I could'nt afford a larger school I feel at a loss for not attempting. If I had gotten accepted into a larger school, I assume I could have found a way to pay for it. In my last year at high school, I took easier classes. This boosted my grade-point-average, but now I'm having to take math classes I could have taken for free during high school. Money has always been a looming issue when I considered college. It discouraged me from applying to larger schools and made my life stressful. Winning this scholarship could allow me to pay for two more semesters. Now, I've realized how little I see previous classmates. It was hard at first, but they have moved on with their lives. Occasionally we see each other, but our friendships will ever be the same.