Marist College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


It isn't just a pretty campus with nice people, it's an experience.


Marist College is indescribable; there are so many opportunities here that words cannot express.


Everyone who attends is able to find their nitch, a place where they are comfotable and with people they can be around.


Marist is a party-centric college that somehow still manages to maintain an atmosphere of academix rigor; its an incredibly scenic campus however the horrible weather conditions for 6 months of the school year entirely dimish this aspect of the college.


Marist College is a beautiful, hands on, community that prepares you not only for your major or future job, but your entire life ahead.


Marist college is a well rounded four year college that incorporates learning, experience, and the ability to succeed in your major with the help of all your professors.


Marist College is a fun and easy-going environment but you do have to work hard if you want to achieve good grades.


Safe, challenging, diverse. Great academic program. Helpful professors and counselors. Lots of different activities. A bit more partying than I'd like. A little challenging finding parties that don't involve drinking. Great student activities programs for things off campus and nearby in New York City. A lot of student organizations. The food could be better.


Marist College is a place of wonder in the heart of Poughkeepsie.


Big, easy-going, and liberal.


It is a great place for higher education, but also a great place to experience everything that college has to offer.


marist college is a small and friendly school.


If you are willing to put yourself out there, talk to professors, and become involved in the many available clubs than Marist will give back to you, but you can't expect the school to do work for you and even if you do most of the work yourself, sometimes you still have to push the school into doing its job.


Marist College defines balance in most areas: theoretical v. practical, competitive v. relaxed, partying v. studying - no matter how you like to spend your time, you will find a group of friendly people at Marist who will love doing the same things - and they'll stay with you for the rest of your life.


Video tour of some academic buildings, the chapel and the library


Video tour of the campus river front and crew boat houses


Brief video of the outside of the library, student center and some dorms


Marist is full of upper middle class conservative Ugg boot stereotypes who usually care more about drinking 4 days a week rather than studying.


One of the most gorgeous campus', settled in the Hudson Valley, with a few incredible teachers that made it all worth it.


Theres is somehing for everyone.


When its raning the sun is still shining at Marist.


Everyone is pretty much friendly and accepts people for who they are and are very focused on their school work.


Marist College is a beautiful campus with a laid back feel but an emphasis on a bright and successful future.


Marist College is a medium sized school with the career opportunities of a big school located in the beautiful Hudson Valley.


Marist is a beautiful school that will help you succeed academically while you experience the college social life. We call it the "Harvard on the Hudson."