Marist College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I always brag about how beautiful the campus is and the many historic and environmental landmarks in the surrounding area. I also talk about how excited I am to take classes for my major (Game Design. Conceptual and artistic aspects) as no other college that I have looked at teaches my major the way Marist does. Lastly, both students and faculty are very kind and encouraging towards one another.


Who can look outside your bedroom window and see the Hudson River during all four seasons? Who can go into an introductory Business class and present a full 40 page paper about an existing company in your first semester? Who can attend broadway shows and Christmas Spectaculars for $25? I can.


I brag about how competitive mopst of the prgrams are. When you graduate from my school with certain degrees you are known to have worked above and beyond other studnets with the same degree from another school. This definitely presents a challenge for the students, but it is all worth it in the end.


I brag about how beautiful my school is. Marist is right on the Hudson and the maintainance team does a superb job keeping the whole campus clean and attractive. The people on campus are nice and friendly and the staff is helpful. The professors truely care about their students when you show your motivation and determination. I love it here at Marist.


That I am reciving a great education and having a blast at the same time.


The campus is absolutely beautiful! As a biology student, the location of the Hudson River and its local watersheds provided numerous learning opportunities.


That it is beautiful and clean. The school does a magnificant job with keeping up with the landscaping and not to mention the beautiful view of the hudson river.


The beautiful Hudson River scenery you can see out the window of many of the dorm rooms. The great social life as well as the beautiful library and interesting professors.


I brag about how beautiful my school is. Despite it's small size, it's one of the most gorgeous campus' I've ever seen.


basketball team


We have an excellent programming committee. We have concerts. Lupe Fiasco was just here as well as All American Rejects, Gym Class Heroes, etc. The school is also within 10 minutes of some really excellent concert venues. There are always things to do on campus.


The selling point of Marist College is that it is only a train ride away from NYC...It is a 2 hour trainride, however... The campus itself is pretty, right on the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie. Other than those two things, there is not much to brag about, unfortunately.


how beautiful the campus is and how nice the housing is


I am getting an excellent education from teachers who really care about how well i do.


It's a beautiful campus, located on the banks fo the Hudson River. You'll get a good solid education here for a fair price. It's close to Manhattan for a weekend run into the city.


When bragging about Marist the thing I bring up most is how well the school takes care of its students. They make sure everyone is enjoying their experience and are being prepared for the rest of their life. The basketball games are a lot of fun and everyone gets behind the team and the atmosphere is somewhat indescribeable. The social life around campus is also pretty amazing.