Marist College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Watch the "Jersey Shore" on MTV, followed up with a "NYC Prep" marathon, tempered a "Bridezillas" special with an animated Disney film blended in.


They're all rich and preppy


A lot of people believe that Marist Students are all preppy catholic students.


Students at Marist are wealthy, white, Catholic, and from Long Island or New Jersey.


A common stereotype about Marist students is that we are all upper class, preppy, white, east coast, Catholic kids.


I think the general consensus about what the Marist stereotype is would have to be that everyone is really preppy. That we are just a bunch of polo wearing, canvas bag toting preps.


Marist students are said to be white, catholic, preppy and rich. The girls are said to tan too much, wear their Northface fleeces and Ugg Boots and whine when they don't get their way.


We are all white from Long Island and very preppy and wealthy.


The biggest stereotype about Marist students is that everyone is the same. Some people say there is little diversity throughout Marist and that each student comes from the same background.


I've heard some stereotypes that Marist students are boring because Marist itself is in Poughkeepsie...


Some of the stereo types of Marist students is that they're all rich white kids from Long Island.


I learned about "Mattress College" in my PR Class; Marist is a bubble; and I can't think of any others right now.


Before I came to Marist, I was told that the student body consisted of Italian kids from Long Island. That stereotype is completely untrue. Marist's student population is extremely diverse, and the admissions crew is constantly seeking to further the diversity here on campus.


Some popular stereotypes include everyone being white, rich, snobby and guidos/guidettes but that isn't true at all. Marist is getting more diverse and no, not everyone is rich.


At first, Marist may seem to be comprised of white, middle-to-upper class students from places like Long Island and New Jersey. While a percentage of our population is from the Tri-State area and come from suburban areas, this is not true of the entire student body. After a short time at the school, you will begin to pick up on just how DIVERSE we really are. It may not seem so on the outside, but I am constantly amazed by the wide variety of backgrounds, personalities, experiences and opinions of my fellow students. There is just about every "type" of college student represented at Marist and finding your niche is simply an act of putting yourself out there, joining clubs and activities that interest you and making the most out of your time here.


Most people think that Marist isn't diverse in it's student body and that "everyone looks the same." There is also the Marist College stereotype that the students are "preppy, Catholic, rich kids from New England.'