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Tell us about the sports scene on campus.

Our basketball team has made it to the sweet 16 pretty consistently for the past 30 years or so. Being a D1 school, it brings a lot of the excitement out in the student body. I personally am not the hugest fan of basketball, but the games are where everyone goes on the weekends. We play a number of great schools since we are in the Big East division (even if some of them are leaving). What most people who don't go to Marquette know is that our soccer team has an even better record than our basketball team and our women's volleyball was in the final game for the national title. Both our men's and women's soccer teams were in the finals for the national title this year as well. All of the home games except for basketball are played right here on campus. Basketball games occur down at the Bradley Center, where the Milwaukee Bucks play. Marquette University is also in a transition year for lacrosse and starting in 2013, there will be a D1 lacrosse team, and in 2014 the team will play in the Big East.

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Sports a pretty big deal at Marquette. Sure, we don't have a football team, but we definitely make up for it with men's basketball. The games are close to campus and almost everyone goes. Student ticket prices are getting steeper each year but it's worth it. Soccer, Lacrosse, and Rugby all have great teams too.

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