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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


While in some cases this may be true, Marquette students are every bit the equal of those two schools, and maybe even better because they're hungrier for success, and also more easy-going. Marquette students are easy to relate to and at the same time, some of the smartest people I've ever met, I met at Marquette. It's one thing to be smart, but balancing smarts with people skills is something Marquette students have in droves. Do MU students party? Hell yea, but every school parties. If that's your scene, you will not be at a shortage for opportunities, but if it's not, then there's plenty of outlets too.


Rich - not always, since the majority of students have some type of need-based or merit-based financial aid. White - pretty true, there isn't a lot of ethnic diversity on campus. What ethnic diversity we have is very embraced and celebrated. Conservative - definitely not the case. Marquette embraces social justice to such an extreme that most students will become more liberal as they go through college. This tends to start at the level of the administration and individual departments (OSD, Res Life, Campus Ministry) and trickle down to the students. Students for Obama was HUGE on campus, but Students for McCain was almost non-existent. Students for Ron Paul made a pretty strong showing, though. Schools - there's a decent mix of students coming from private and public schools, and many of them are non-Catholic. WI or IL - definitely true, but there are several international students and people from all over the country as well.


There are a lot of us, but we don't dominate the campus. And...there are A LOT of Chicago suburbs. So we're not all the same. :)


Not at all. While there may be quite a few people from the Chicago area coming to school at Marquette I also know many people from all different kinds of backgrounds and experiences. I know people from Switzerland, Boston, Alaska, Arizona, California, Conneticut and all over the US. Our student body represents every state and about 80 different countries. I have met people who are coming to Marquette on their own dime and others who are being financially backed by their parents. There is a wide range of political and religious perspectives on campus as well. Not everyone here is conservative and Catholic. I myself am not Catholic and have found the faith experience here very welcoming.


The stereotypes are pretty accurate, however there are plenty of students who come from public schools. Also even though a lot of students seem to have come from a private school, most of them are extremly down to earth and very accepting to meeting new people. Also the students are not stuck up, there are probably just as many stuck up kids at Marquette as there are at the average public university. Also the students are very kind and do a lot of community service.


The stereotypes are pretty accurate, however there are plenty of students who come from public schools. Also even though a lot of students seem to have come from a private school, most of them are extremly down to earth and very accepting to meeting new people.


Mostly you will find a Catholic student that is spoiled by their rich parents. Most kids are very smart but they know how to party just as much.


See above.


Not at all. Just becasue someone is from the suburbs of Chicago, does not make them rich or any better off than the other demographics on the campus.


1) You will run into these types of students at Marquette unfortunately, but most students are hard-working and dedicated to their schoolwork (even if their parents are footing the bill). And there are a good number of students paying their own way who have decided that a Jesuit education is worth the extra cost. 2) Marquette is not in the best neighborhood and you do need to be aware of your surroundings. No matter who you are, you cannot walk alone at night after midnight. Even though Marquette has a Public Safety that does a very good job, they cannot be everywhere. Its sad that the area is getting worse each year. 3) The Jesuit atmosphere can be whatever you make of it-- you can never see any signs of religion on campus, or you can attend daily mass. You are, however, required to take a theology class as part of the core of studies.


Not at all. You'll always find a few people like that, but in my experience the students are from pretty diverse economic backgrounds and are very welcoming.


Not really. While there is only token racial diversity on campus, students represent a wide variety of backgrounds and viewpoints. All major strands of political ideology can be found here, and barely anyone can be called a true "rich kid," since a majority of students get some kind of financial aid.


for some yes, but there are a lot of students who pay 100% their own way. Many have big loans that they will pay back in a few years, but it was worth it for them to attend a good school like MU.


For the most part


No, only a portion of them are. The others are hick Wisconsinites who come from towns the size of my high school.


Very much so, however, if you look hard you can find down to earth kids. Not a lot of them. Very cliquey and a "who do you know" attitude.

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