Marquette University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I tell my friends about Marquette I brag the most about how Jimmy Butler, of the Chicago Bulls, is a Marquette alumni. Therefore, I brag most about our basketball program.


When I tell my friends about my school I brag about the flexibilty. I have the freedom to choose a major and I am provided with the right path to achieve my educational goals within an appropriate amount of time.


The one thing that I brag most about when I talk about Marquette University to my friends would be the magnitute of opportunities offered to students. Faculty and administrators are very mindful of what students need for the future, and help them succeed. Students become very skillful in their major/minor and this can be easily seen by any future employer.


What I love most about Marquette University is its location in the heart of downtown Milwaukee. Milwaukee is an amazing city because it has all of the attractions of a large city while still retaining the benfits of a smaller city. I am a bus ride away from many museums, Lake Michigan, and the different cultural sectors of Milwaukee. I love being able to explore all of the amazing parts of my city while still being able to focus on my studies.


Marquette is a small diverse university. There's never a boring day at Marqette. We have several events from cmpps wde runs to differect social events. Our professors are always willing to help you out if you don't understand a material. Also te class sizes are small. If you want to be encourage to become the best possible person in your repective career while having fun and meeting new peple and experience something new everyday, come to Marquette.


When I tell my friends about my school, I brag most about the strong community. There is a place for everyone at Marquette, and the school reminds each student of that each and every day. There are so many different walks of life represented at Marquette, and it builds an extremely tight community, despite any differences. My campus is genuienly a happy campus and always has a strong sense of support and community. Whether it be through the clubs, classes, or sports, Marquette offers a place for everyon to fit in and find their own, unique community.


My favorite part of Marquette is their dedication in getting their students involved in the field they are interested in. As an education major, I was impressed with how easily I found a position as a volunteer within a school in Milwaukee. Many of my friends on the business track are already volunteering at various companies. The amount of experience these opportunities provide is great in preparation for future careers.


Marquette is located within the heart of urban Milwaukee, Wisconsin but has it's own close-knit space that makes you feel at home. All classrooms are walking distance within ten minutes or less, no bus transportation is necessary. On top of that, all dorm halls are close to the heart of campus making distance essentially not a problem. Milwaukee becomes your home away from home at Marquette. Wisconsin avenue is a beautiful scene as the leaves change colors and the branches become covered in snow. Marquette has so much to offer and strives to make your success a priority.


Having 10,000 swipes on our meal plan.


I like to talk about our basketball team and the night life that Milwaukee can give me. i have meet some really cool people and some of the most intellegent people that I have ever met. The school gives me the ability to reach out to them when i need to and the fact that the campus is small enough that i do not have to take a bus to go to class


I was proud of the reputation the school held, as well as the updated, Engineering hall they have, and all the technology they have available to their engineering students.


I brag most about the community here at Marquette. Belonging to a minority community, it was difficult at first to find a group of friends that fit. As the first semester progressed, I started to find that sense of community with the guys on my floor, my classmates, and fellow members of student organizations.


how much fun i have with my campus friends


Marquette University is perfect for students who have high aspirations for their academic career. It is quite competitive in terms of academics. Yet, once its the weekend, there are plenty of things to do to let off steam since the campus is located in downtown Milwaukee. Marquette is also great for students who like a medium-size school. The classes are relatively small. The professors are personal and take time to get to know each student. When basketball season rolls around, the whole campus gets together. It is impossible to describe an experience at a men's basketball game.


My school is located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee. It's very diverse and there is so much to do around here. Also Marquette is ranked the 75th best school in the nation, which makes me very proud to attend.


Milwaukee is a great city. People may not really know too much about it but it is a diamond in the rough. It isn't too big so it is navigable but it isn't too small. It is a big city look with a small town feel.


Being out of state, Marquette is my home away from home. The faculty of Marquette want to see you succeed as much as your oen family does. Thus, the school is one of your major supporters in continuing on in your education.


Being a Jesuit institution, Marquette is very strong academically and has so many great opportunities for students to get involved and share their talents with others. The school is strongly focused on service and has a great faith commmunity that helps students develop and mature from day one on! Everyone is friendly and teh city of Milwaukee is amazing! Nothing more needs to be said, Marquette is a phenomonal university!


Most people do not understand why I attend such an expensive university, but in my explanation I tend to make sure to mention the great education I am recieving by attending Marquette University. I feel confident knowing after graduation I will have a degree from this university. Although the expense is huge, it is a large investment into the success I will attain in the future and that is something I am proud to say.


Marquette offers an environment that makes you think about life and challenges you to move outside your comfort zone if you want to.


When I talk about my school, I always tell them that the atmosphere is so welcoming. On the first day I arrived, I immediately felt at home. Everyone at Marquette is there to lend a helping hand if needed. I enjoy Marquette's environment a lot. It's one I definitely love being a part of.


I brag about mission work and service trips available to students. Marquette offers a wide variety of awesome national and international programs.


The basketball games really bring the campus together and give a sense of team spirit. Also the medical, dental, and engineering departments are fantastic.




The program I'm interested in and the professors that teach the classes.


That it has a good campus, and the classes are nice.


Marquette is located right near downtown Milwaukee, so the students are able to explore the city while still living on a campus!


Milwaukee! The city is great. There are tons of things to do around the city year round. During the summer, you can enjoy the beaches and kite flying and during the winter, enjoy the holiday lights and ice skating. Milwaukee is full of sports, entertainment and festivals to ensure a good time year round.


Great friendships formed.


Great education and teachers. Amazing business program. #1 private party school. Located downtown, always something to do.


I brag most about the outstanding education program, the sense of community, and opportunity to practice my faith, and Marquette's commitment to social justice.


All of my professors are really cool, basketball games are the best. It's really sweet being in downtown Milwaukee.


I love Marquette University due to the class size and the one on one relationships with our professors. Itis a wonderful private university and my major (Biomedical Science) is one of the top programs around the country. As a future doctor, I also love our cadaver lab that undergraduate students are allowed to attendas it will help me in my future endeavor as a Pediatric Cardiologist.


Marquette is right by downtown so there is always something to do! A lot of places give great student discounts and Marquette includes a bus pass in the tuition so there is no need to drive in the downtown traffic. If downtown is scary Marquette is constantly offering things to do on campus. This is especially great for people who choose not to drink.


I brag most about the feeling of complete freedom. Many of my friends actually didn't go onto college, so they're still at home with parents watching over them. I love how I get to choose and balance my time. In a sense, it is like being thrown out into the real world, but not 100% because we are still in school. Bragging about this with my friends, I see the look in their eyes when I describe the freedom, and it gives me hope that I'll be able to persuade them to someday join me.


Besides our outstanding athletics, I brag the most about the programs Marquette provides for engineering students, which include design challenges in the freshman intro class, and opportunities to obtain work experience through co-ops and internships with major engineering companies thoughout the country.


I usually brag about all of the new people I've met. It amazed me to make so many friends here that share my ideals and morals. I also brag about our baskeball team and how completely awesome it is to attend classes with these guys and then watch them make magic every weekend.


I brag that I go to a private school. There are people here that share the same beliefs as me which makes it so easy to connect with oher people. Also it helps me keep up with my faith. If I went to a public school, I know I would never attend mass. But because Marquette is a Catholic school there are so many other people who would gladly attend mass with me and it isn't something that is looked down on in any way. The community formed because of the same faith is amazing.


At Marquette, students hold doors open for others. While this act may seem insignificant and minute, I have found that it speaks volumes as to the atmosphere at Marquette. I have never been to another school that does this as much as we do. An act as simple as holding a door open is symbolic of what we stand for and what we work towards. We hope to help all people and to make a difference in the world. We are friendly, helpful, selfless, and welcoming. Furthermore, going to Marquette will open doors for me in my future.


I brag about how compact the campus is and how easy it is to navigate around campus. I also brag about how successful most of the professors are. Most professors have a PhD and they have published impressive work.


I don't brag to my friends about my school.


The best thing about Marquette is the amount of volunteer and community service opportunities. This is included in the majority of the classes that are offered at Marquette. Many classes offer what is called service learning. The professor requires the students to spend about 2 hours a week at a site that is somehow related to the class so that the material can be related to real world experience. This has been a great experience for me. Marquette offers many other opportunities to get involved in community service helping clean up around the Milwaukee area.


The people I have met are wonderful. I have definitely made some of my lifelong friends here and have gained the best experiences through the clubs and volunteer opportunities I have taken part in.


That the school is in the city and it has so many job opportunities and internships. Very fun and friendly environment. It is a well respected academic school. We have a great basketball and golf team.


Marquette is the perfect size. It is a small college pretending to be a big one. Meaning that we have big sports and a big reputation but the size of the student population as well as the campus is not overwhelming. Also the layout of MU's campus is brilliant and made for ease. All the academic buildings are on one side of the campus, the administrative/campus-owned housing is on the other and further back is the upperclassmen off-campus living.


its expensive and downtown.


Having tons of fun with my friends.


Student friendly.


I brag about how competitive it is to get into and how hard I must work to stay competitive.


I don't brag about my school. I don't particularly like it.

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