Marquette University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


In my opinion the worst thing about my school would be the focus of basketball. A great deal of money is put into the basketball program when it could go to students who need help in the financial aid department.


In my opinion the worst thing about my school would be the focus of basketball. A great deal of money is put into the basketball program when it could go to students who need help in the financial aid department.


I believe the worst thing about Marquette University is the lack of diversity. Coming from a very diverse high school I got used to diversity. I enjoyed having a multitude of races surrounding me because I learned about all cultures, and have friends of all races. I even enjoyed it. I believe Marquette says we are diverse, however when you walk outside to go to class, you do not see a diverse culture. Granted the surrounding Milwaukee area is very diverse, Marquette itself has the downfall of not being as diverse as I would have hoped.


Being in an urban setting, like Milwaukee, Marquette University faces many problems that impact all cites. The biggest issues that have struck me while being on this campus are the poverty and homelessness. Each day as I walk to class I stare this problem and these people in the face. That is the worst thing about my school, I was not prepared to face this problem and take it on as my own. But this weakness is also a strength, because we as a University can join together to fix it.


I do not appreciate the weekend alcohol, binge-drinking culture. I am happy to be living off-campus at this time for this reason. I have seen a lot of classmates taking big risks with their well-being.


I consider the worst thing about Marquette University to be the lack of commonality between campus advisors. I have found this to be an issue when trying to plan a class schedule for my four years at the university because I am pursuing a double-major, and am also in the honors program. This has been difficult because the curriculum for both of the majors and the honors program do not line up very well, and all of the advisors have their own opinions about the curriculum path I should take, instead of trying ot make it all work together.


Sometimes I feel bad about the fact that we can't have opposite-sex persons stay with us in our dorm room. I think it's kind of sexist and judgeful separating men and women. It's judgeful because the fact that I have a friend who's a boy staying over does not neccesarly mean we are going to engage in sexual acts. Separating men and women also promotes more sexism to occur.


There is a lot of academic competition which makes it hard and stressful on yourself when you know you arent the smartest one in your class anymore; but that is expected at any college. Other than that, there isn't much that I don't like about my school.


The worst thing about Marquette University is the segregation between majors and colleges. There are very distinct groups of students that stick together from classes to social events and do not branch out to students from other colleges. There are very strong stereotypes about each college that are difficult to break down and keep some students at a disadvantage. This makes it difficult to promote diversity.


Personally I wished my school was bigger. I like the fact that the classes are small and your professor would likely know yor naeby heed ofte semester rather that you just being a number like other big school. Even though this is true, I feel that with a bigger school, there are more social events, program, and extended courses. Not that I don't like Marquette's curriculum but I think it would be ten times better if it was a bigger school.


Although the worst aspect of Marquette depends upon each individual student, I believe that Marquette's worst quality is the lack of diversity within the engineering department. Not only is chemical engineering -- one of engineering's four main branches -- completely nonexistant, but Marquette does not have many of the subfields within mechanical, civil, and electrical engineering either. With such an underdeveloped college, there is very little choice for students to specialize in once they approach their junior and senior years. They must choose from the few options available rather than pursuing what they truly want to study.


While Marquette University has limo services, Twitter notificiations, walking escorts, blue lights and many other ways of helping to keep the student body safe, there is criminal activity in the area. We need to find a joint resolve between Marquette University, the students and the community to eradicate this.


The price.


The only issue I have ever had with Marquette is the tendency of students to separate themselves from the Milwaukee community that surronds them - a community suffering from poverty that could benefit from the help and kindness of students who have so much more than they do.


The worst thing about Marquette University is the safety concerns on and around campus. Being in an urban area, there is more crime and students are often notified of robberies that occur on and off campus. It is a little bit discomforting, especially because I will be living in an off campus house next year. We have our own Department of Public Safety that patrols campus, but the problem continues.


Marquette lacks in trust toward students, treating us as children as if we have no responsibilty, rather than the adults they expect us to be.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the financial cost of attendance. I love everything about Marquette and I don't see myself attending any other college/ university, but I know that it will be a struggle for me to pay off student loans.


I think the worst thing about my school would be the lack of diversity. While it is advertised as a diverse school, Marquette is not. It's mostly middle to upper class caucasions, in the middle of a very poverty stricken Milwaukee. Not much of the staff is diverse either; unless you're taken a foreign language.


Although I greatly enjoy Marquette University, I believe the biggest downfall it has is its private university status. The university excells in academics but has some strict rules for students on campus. For example, students are expected to meet high standards and possible consequences are very intense. Marquette is also very expensive and scholarships can only compensate for some of the fees.


The worst part about Marquette is that the campus is in the city of Milwaukee so sometimes robberies occur on the street when students aren't paying attention to their surroundings. Although public safety does a great job making the campus feel safe, they unfortunately can't prevent all crimes.


Money doesn't grow on trees, though I wish it did. The cost of a great education has been on the rise over the last ten years, and it's showing no signs of decreasing anytime soon. From the moment I set foot on Marquette's campus, I knew it was the school for me. But, being a private school tutition isn't cheap-by any means. My family stuggles to make ends meet more often than not, and the cost of my education doesn't help matters, nor do my extensive medical bills.


Marquette is highly competitive. It can be difficult at times, especially early in your college career, to stand out among your peers.


What I like least about my school is that the dining halls close so early at night. I would rather them all stay open until at least 8 o'clock at night.


I don't like how it is centered in an area of bad neighborhoods. The Department of Public Safety is a good resource, but students are at a big risk of being robbed because the campus is open and runs along a busy street. Also, because of the busy street, the campus doesn't really tie together. It's just more like two rows of buildings lined closely together along a busy road that anyone can walk along.


While there is no terribly bad thing about the school, the meal situation can be frustrating. My first semester I had an unlimited meal plan that allowed me accesss to the any of the all-you-can eat style dining halls, but limited to the take-home ones. This is ok, except sometimes I would be 5 minutes early to the next "meal hour" and they would make me swipe one of my only 10 guess passes. Kind of frustrating. The food is ok, too, but its kind of limited, and not very healthy. More options would be nice.


Sometimes the administration can be hard to work with because one person does not know what the other is doing/ saying.


The administration is slow moving to change or makes change just for the sake of chage. They also make those changes years behind when they should be made.


The worst thing about Marquette is the efficiency of its administration. It is not uncommon for important documents to be misfiled, lost, or entered incorrectly into the Marquette system. For example, my enrollment deposit and college transcripts were lost when I began my studies there. Also, more than 1 waiver was incorrectly entered such that I have not as of yet recieved propper credit for all classes I have taken. Although these mistakes were easy to fix, it is very important to follow up on every interaction with the bursar, registrar, and other important offices to prevent needless mistakes.


Food! Worst thing at Marquette includes their food choices and quality. Grocery stores are far and can only be accessed by bus or car. The dorm food is just awful! If you choose to eat it- good luck! Let's say you choose not to eat it- There aren't too many other options. There are a few on-campus options that are going to cost you in the wallet.


The worst thing about my school is the food. The options of food are very slim. I was a vegetarian before coming to college, but the food options and my health forced me to stop. There are various location for the dining halls but the food options are not the healthiest. I often times found myself becoming ill due to the food. My health is very important for my studies and it is upseting that I had to take a bus to the local Public Market to get food that would not make me ill.


The school puts a lot of pressure to do well on the students.


Needs more places to study and needs more restaurants to eat oncampus and more coffee shops on campus


Right next to major interchange - perpetual traffic and noise and not terribly pretty to look at.


Again, I would have to say parking. I really love Marquette. I have yet to find anything that I dislike about the school.


The worst thing about my school is the assumption from other schools that each and every student attending Marquette University are spoiled rich kids, when in reality I am not one of those students.


The worst thing about my school is that sometimes people may be about ignorant about minorities, because they aren't accustomed to seeing minorities.


Marquette University is very close to the Lake Michigan - which is lovely during the summer and spring, but the weather that comes off the lake can be bitterly cold.


I would say the worst thing about going to Marquette would have to be the midwest weather. It is really cold in the winter, but it snows a lot and snow days are not rare. I grew up in the midwest so the weather was not a shock to me. I just wish it was warmer in the winter when I have to walk to class all the time.


Marquette is located right by downtown Milwaukee. As in any city safety is always a concern. But Marquette provides great campus safety that I rarely ever feel unsafe.


Marquette is very expensive!! Tuition will be over $30,000 for the 2010-11 school year!


The worst thing about Marquette is that it is a big enough school that there do happen to be lecture halls with 200+ students. This is especially true for classes that are general education or early undergraduate classes.


The cost is the worst thing about Marquette University. Though Marquette does offer good financial aid, it is still an expensive school.


The worst thing at Marquette University is the fact that the student has to take care of every little academic responsibility from registering for classes to meeting with teachers. There is very little service that college provides for students to officially register or officially enroll in class . There is no guiding hand even from the advisor because the student has to figure everything out for themselves. Sometimes proffesors dont teach, the student has to teach themselves to succede. In college everything that the student does or does not do independently can affect their academic career and their future.


The worst thing about school is the cold winters. I am aware that the flaw is just a matter of location and weather, and that the problem can be fixed by putting on extra layers, but campus is a lot more beautiful in the spring and fall seasons.


Currently, I think the worst thing about Marquette University is lack of financial aid for students who are in programs that last longer than four years. I am a current senior who will be pursuing a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree until 2012. There are a variety of undergraduate scholarships, but few, if any, awards that are sanctioned for students in more involved programs. I consider this the worst thing about the school because the stress of wondering how I will pay for tuition is putting a damper on my experience at the school.


It seems like an obvious answer, and yet something that many people do not consider when looking at their possible college choices. The worst thing about Marquette University is the weather. The teachers are wonderful, the classes interesting, but the weather is inescapable. No one knows winter until they have lived through a Milwaukee winter, temperatures plummet and the wind whistles through every gap in every window, door, and article of clothing.


In the middle of winter it gets really cold, so walking to and from class can be a pain


The worst thing about Marquette University is the high tuition because it inhibits students, who are capable of learning at high levels, the right to a good education just because they are limited financially. If more financial aid was available, more students would have the opportunity to persue a degree at Marquette University.


At Marquette there is nothing that is all that horrible. There are strict rules on housing. People have to be out by a certain time and they will enforce it unlike other schools. It is a pain, but we all know that it is for safety and liablity purposes. Other than that it is a decent school.


Beware of the weather - Milwaukee's winters make it hard to find motivation to attend classes in the cold, so don't be tricked to just staying in your dorm. You NEED to attend class to do well. Also, as a freshman remember that the initial adjustment process might take longer than you had originally intended (especially if you attend somewhere that is drastically different from your home town). Allow for this, and try not to be intimidated by it. You're surrounded by hundreds of other young adults in the same situation - take advantage of meeting new people!

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