Marquette University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


The stereotype of students at my school is that they are all privileged or are coming to play basketball in hopes of joining the NBA. What people do not know is there are many students who are on scholarships and financial aid alone and who are also working their way through school.


The school doesn't have a set stereotype, which I find is really nice. The only stereotype we have is for being a VERY good university. Students take their work very seriously, but they do like to have fun on the weekends. Not too many druggies (you'll get a few at every school), there's the athletes of course (we're D1! :) ). We also have frats but they're less than 10% of the school population but they're also a great way of getting involved.


A negative stereotype that I hear a lot is that Marquette is a "safety school" for kids who couldn't get into Notre Dame or Wisconsin and we just partied all the time.


Many say that Marquette is full of rich, white, conservative kids who come from private, usually Catholic or Jesuit, schools. Most students come from WI or IL.


We're all from a suburb of Chicago.


That the student body is composed of wealthy kids from the suburbs of Chicago.


Most of the students come from private highschools and are from the middle or upper class. I think most come from Illinois, but there are a lot from Wisconsin too. Surprisingly I have met many from California, Hawaii, Alaska, Flordia, and Texas. There are also quite a lot from Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Omaha, Kansas City, and St. Louis. Since it seems like a lot of students come from private schools, people often belive they may be stuck up.


Most of the students come from private highschools and are from the middle or upper class.


Catholic, rich, stuck up kids, heavy drinkers, and very smart.


Many people assume that most people are either from a suburb of Milwaukee or from the suburbs of Chicago (mostly North or West Suburbs). For the most part this is true, but there are definitely people who come for all over the states. Also, many people think that most students are rich or have rich parents. Again, I guess this is the case, but I am pretty sure that those kind of students can be found on any college campus.


that they are chicago suburban white kids with lots of money.


1) Everyone is rich and ungrateful for the education they have been blessed with. 2)Marquette is unsafe and in the ghetto. 3) Catholocism is forced upon students.


Stereotypes - students are snotty and rich. That about covers it.


Some people say that Marquette students are all the same, that they wear similar clothes, think similar things, etc. Also, there's the perception that we're all rich kids whose parents pay for everything.


They are ALL spoiled rich kids going to school on daddy's dollar


They are snobby and rich


They're preppy rich Catholic students.


Uppity, rich white kids from Chicago with Northface jackets, Ugg boats, Polo, and an ego bigger than Lake Michigan

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