Marquette University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of person who wants to grow in every aspect of their life. You should come to Marquette if you want to be challenged to think outside of the box in the classroom, apply that thought to the world around you, and be the difference in every way you can; whether it be smiling at a stranger, holding the door open, doing community service, or starting new organizations and clubs. At Marquette, you should want to be involved, and jump in all of the amazing opportunities they offer. Marquette students are "go-getters" in every aspect.


Marquette is a great place for ambitious and energetic people. You don't have to come here having everything figured out; there are so many incredible opportunities available that will help you figure out who you are and what you want to do with your life. As long as you are enthusiastic and willing to try new things, you will have no problem being successful at Marquette. Members of the Marquette community truly just want to help one and other and we love watching each other reach our potentials.


The person that should attend Marquette University is the kind of person who wants to belong to a really tight community, has a passion to contribute to society and like to give back. At Marquette University we are taught that in life whatever we do, we must be ethical. In other words, you must be compromised with respecting life, work and each person as their own.


Someone attending Marquette University should have their main priority be grades. While the classes are not impossible, they will certainly give you trouble if you do not put forth the effort. It also probably helps if they are interested in the industry or business side of most majors. While they have strong opportunities for research, they truly shine in industry relations. Someone attending Marquette should also enjoy service and giving back to the community. A remarkable number of students on campus are involved or volunteer regularly. Finally, be willing to be part of the amazing community that is Marquette!


Marquette University is the home to a student that wants to broaden their horizons and recieve a top shelf education. Students that attend Marquette University are some of the best in the world and really care for others and take learning to a whole new level.


Very school focused and ready for taking school seriously.


Anyone who wants professors to care about you or anyone who is willing to try new things. There are so many clubs and organizations to try that there is something for anyone who is willing to try it.


One should attend this school if they are really interested in the sciences (especially the medical sciences), engineering, or business and/or have a penchant for social justice.


Someone who is passionate about what they want to study and aims to be the best at what they love. They should want to make a difference in the world around them and be a light in the community.


Marquette is a very diverse school that has a program for students with many different interests. It is perfect for dedicated students who are willing to work hard for their degree, but it also offers a variety extracurricular programs and organizations for students who want to be involved.


Marquette has something to offer anybody. There are various religious, athletic, and social groups and programs offered across campus. People that want an urban feel will enjoy the downtown location of Marquette University’s campus; yet the friendly, small community campus feel will attract those students that are looking to connect with those around them. Marquette University is the ideal college for a student that is searching for academic rigor, social stimulation, and a place that will allow them to grow as a person.


Someone who is dedicated to their studies, determined to do their best and


Someone that is dedicated to attaining a well rounded eduacation and to give back to others. MU has small class sizes and high standards both academically and in its humanitarian efforts.


Someone who has alot of time on their hands to study. People who are organized and willing to pay for a great education.


I believe that any student can find his or her place at Marquette and love the way the institution shapes him or her. However, I would say students that have a strong academic focus and are interested in performing service within the community would love this school. It is also simple enough to simply be open and looking for a school that teaches its student more than just academics but lessons that will last a lifetime. If the student is the kind of person that is open to change and a challenge, then he or she will love Marquette.


I believe any person who has a strong passion to learn will do great at marquette university. This university cultivates each and every student and helps them develop a well rounded basis of knowledge. As long as a person is willing to put in the effort and do the hard work, they will succeed at this prestigious university.


Someone who likes any kind of weather, city environment, a lot of people, and don't mind diversity. Also, one who enjoys sports, and social life , outgoing, however still strives to be an academic achiever. Also, one who appreciates any kind of lifestyle.


Someone who appreciates community service and close connectiosn with their teachers.


A Marquette student is an open-minded student involved in a variety of activities with passion for learning and helping others!


Marquette University is great for engineering, nursing, theology, social work, and buisness, but not for other social science programs.


A student who is serious about getting a great education. One of Marquette's mottos is "we teach students how to think, not what to think." This is so true, its not just cramming info into your head and spitting it out on exams. Instead, they teach us how to apply it to our lives. I know I will be a better, more well rounded person upon my graduation from Marquette!


Any type of person should attend Marquette University. Marquette is located in the diverse city of Milwaukee and offers many different majors and clubs to participate in. One could really do anything at Marquette whether that is to have a relationship with Godto discover the "city life" to cheer for the basketball team or possibly al three. I would say the type of person that should attend Marquette is someone who wants to find them self; find their fears and strengths and to use them to become the person they want to be.


Someone who is a hard worker and wants to study hard. Someone who wants to accel in their field of study. Someone who doesn't like a large campus but likes the availability of resources of a large campus.


Any type of person would enjoy Marquette as the campus suits a variety of needs, providing students with opportunities to always learn and grow as individuals and as a community.


The type of person that should attend this school would be one who is concerned about making a difference in the world and of being a proactive member in society. One must be outgoing, caring, determined, and academically disciplined. Marquette looks for individuals who enjoy volunteering and who actively engage in class discussions. One must take his/her education seriously and think critically about all material one is learning aobut in class. Marquette's professors encourage students to think outside of the box, and anyone who wants to attend this institution cannot be afraid to do so.


Anyone committed to receiving a top notch education and people who enjoy having contact with your professors. We can talk to our professors and are not just a number - all of our teachers know each student by name. We have excellent professors and the university has great relationships with medical schools which is important to me as a future doctor.


Any person that is outgoing and is open to a new experience. If you would like to be in a big city, but still have the community atmosphere, then Marquette University is for you.


Honestly, anyone could attend Marquette, but make no mistake: those who are not dedicated to what they want to do should avoid it. Sure, Freshman and Sophmore year might come and go fairly quickly, but once your major goes into specialization, things change quite drastically.


Someone who is very academically motivated , hard working, trustworthy and honorable. This is a school meant for students who are hardworking but also like to socialize. Their are many opportunities to socialize and get invovled academically and extraciricularly as well. Someone who can handle both school work and a socail commitments should apply for this amazing school. An all around intelligent and helpful person should apply to this school.


Someone who has strong beliefs, wants to attend somewhere that's small, but not too small.


People who should attend this school are people who like cities, have strong faith backgrounds, and want a medium sized school.


Organized, hardworking, motivated, athletic, social,


Someone who is serious about their academics but also enjoys having an active social life and being involved with different student organizations and community service projects.


To me, the school seems to be very open to anyone, no matter what their plans for the future are. There are many different majors offered.


Someone who loves school work and learning should attend Marquette. They will fit right in and shine in classes. Someone who is serious about their career in the future would fit in at Marquette because Marquette University has a great reputation and looks awesome on resumes. Also, someone who has the money to pay for school will fit in well and not feel out of place when their friends always want to go spend money shopping or out to eat.


Students at Marquette take their studies seriously, and people who attend Marquette University should expect to do the same. Of course, Marquette is a good place for people who like to have fun, but there's not as much partying as there is at many other schools. The university also has a heavy emphasis on giving back to the community, so people interested in volunteer work should definitely consider attending Marquette.


Someone who is career driven and financial stable. The standards are high, so a student should be prepared to be focused. To be social one must not be shy or live on campus.


A person who is looking to find a place to discover him or herself should attend Marquette. It is a place where students are given the opportunity to develop into a person eager to help others and to succeed themselves. Marquette is a school for anyone, as it makes every person who walks on its campus feel welcomed and needed.


Someone who wants to gain perspective on the world around them would fit in at Marquette. Here, you get the whole college experience. What you learn does not come strictly from the classroom. Students that are willing to get involved and take an active effort in their careers as well as other hobbies would do well. On the other hand, Marquette is a fun place to be, so people who like to have a good time would fit in, too. Plus, any big basketball fan will undoubtedly find a place here.


This school embraces a large range of personalities, ethnicities, religions, etc. I recommend it to anyone who is seeking to be bigger than themselves: spirituality and service are a big part of the Marquette Identity.


A person who wants a good education and a big college atmosphere without the college itself being too big. And hopefully this person is from a fairly well-off family.


A person who really loves to learn, and who wants the experience of living in the city would be perfect to attends Marquette.


Outgoing, kind people that have a heart for others.


Career driven


Anyone who wants a well rounded education from a jesuit university.


A person who wants a medium sized school that has a strong sense of community.


someone who likes to work hard and likes cold weather. If you go here you wouldnt want to do PT becase they are not as helpful or motivating as other colleges here.


friendly and wealthy


Someone who wants to get a great education and have fun.


Outgoing, eager and energetic person. Loves cold weather

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