Mars Hill University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When i brag about my school to my friends, I always talk about how beautiful my campus is, we are surrounded by mountains and a small older town and most everyone takes really good care in keeping trash and debri off the ground. I also love how the school isn't extremely big, it gives me a small, home town type of vibe and I feel like I know almost everyone here. I can really say I feel at home at Mars Hill, because everyone is so friendly, and everywhere you turn theres a familiar face to help you out.


The most important aspect of Mars Hill College is the fact it is a faith based campus, and emphasizes the of servitude and Christian ethics.


The beauty of the surrounding area and the availability to be outside with the outdoors club.


The small class sizes and the supportive , caring professors.


Im an Eagle Scout, I'm on the soccer team, and I get good grades.


I am the first to admit that there are a lot of things that I don't like at Mars Hill College, but the teachers aren't one of them. The teachers that I had freshmen year were so helpfully for the most part. The teachers were patient and understanding, and they were always available when I needed to speak with them about anything from where my next class building was located to asking them for help on items outside the classroom like financial advice. Without my teachers my freshmen year I'm not sure what I would have done.


There is always something to do on campus and the people here are genuinely nice. The faculty is helpful and the classes and course load is manageable.


When describing Mars Hill College to my friends and family back home in Pennsylvania I usually tend to brag about my teachers I've had and had at the college. I tell them how understanding and thought provoking my teachers are. I also explain to them how much I've learned and how I soak in all the information presented to me by my teachers. I definitely above anything else brag about my teachers at Mars Hill.


The professors.


How helpful it is in all of the challenges I have had.


I tell them that the school I go to is great because it is a place where you become independent and cofindent in you own abilities to succeed.


I brag about the professors and great classes available at my school. As well as the social life I have. It is a beautiful campus where I can have so much fun with my friends outside and in our dorms. We have a 18 hole disc golf course that is unique for a college campus. It is the perfect size and I love it.