Mars Hill University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who needs the professor to call them out and push them because they may not be completely self-motivated yet. Also, Mars Hill is good for someone who is environmentally conscience and enjoys being around nature. If you enjoy city life, Mars Hill is probably not the best choice for you.


Someone who is serious about their education.


Someone that should attend Mars Hill college should only attend if they like small classes, small town living, helpful professors, paying well over 30,000 dollars a year, food that is on the bland side, and about 30 minutes from civilization. 35 students in one class is considered too many. The town is so small that there are only 15 stores on it's main street. The profeesors do everthing they can to help you pass their class. The tuition is way to expensive. The food could use an update and Asheville is where you go to have fun.


If you love a close friendly environment you should come to Mars Hill. The professors get to know their students on a first name basis and they want to know who you are, not what your student ID is. Because of the size of Mars Hill you soon get to know everyone and everything. If you like to stay involved and you're a people person Mars HIll is amazing because you will gain friends very easily. It's the perfect place to get a "one-on-one" education.


Creative, enthusiastic students seeking to broaden their view of their world. People who like to engage in cultural activities and venues. Students who are looking for quality education and not just a party school!


A person perfect for Mars Hill would be involved in te community, have a love for the mountains and the outdoors. They should also be ready to be engaged in learning and to be counted as a person.


This is a good place to figure out what you want to do.