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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice I would give myself as a high school senior would be to enjoy life but take school very serious. To make sure that you apply for college early and when taking college entrance exams make sure you have studied well. The other thing I would tell myself is that although college life as a young person is exciting and fun it's still school and must betaken very seriously. Your are now at a level where you will be using your critical thinking skils, you have to make decisions based on whats rationale and logical. You have to be aware of time management in order to complete assigments and have time to study. The final thing I would tell myself is to starting planning financially for college. There may be circumstances that may arise where you find youself needing additionally monies for school, make every attempt to be prepared. Good grades are essential especially if there is a financial need. Don't wait to the last minute to apply for anything whether it is classes, financial aid, internships whatever it may be keep in mind the timeliness of it all.


If I could go back to my high school self i would tell myself to be prepared for the time change if your an athlete. I would tell ,y self to be mindful that you have to get up early for practice and hen have to go to class right afterwards. so you only have like an hour of sleep until you have to go to class. I would also tell myself to keep up with all the work and be ahead of your game. Study wisly, and take advantage of the time I have to study.


I will tell myself to stay focus and dont change for nobody


The advice that I would give to myself as a high school senior is to not give up. In college, it is very easy to get distracted. I lived on campus for one year and experienced this first hand. There is no one to wake you up and make sure that you did your homework and submitted it on time. You must disipline yourself and realize whats important. In college, you must make sacrifices, meaning should I do my homework or go to this party.??


Assuming that I could go back as a senior in high school first and formost I would have done much better on my ACT test. When you get good scores on standardized tests is gives you many opportunities to get scholorships your freshman year and so on. I would do my research on the schools of my choices and also go to visit to ensure that I liked the environment. Many times students get caught up with the whole college scene and follow the crowd, meaning friends, etc. You must be your own person, be an indivual and not let your friends influence you on where you should go because everything that is good for someone else may not be health or good for you. You should always keep your g.p.a. up and always have your eyes and ears open to new scholarships because as long as you have a good g.p.a. the sky is the limit. Try your hardest not to take out student loans unless it is a emergency and if you have make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions to re-pay the loan. Welcome to college!


I would most likely give myself the advice that I should try harder to develop leadership skill because when it comes to finding a job networking and socializing really come in handy. If I can't socialize and make the plunge and get inolved in social activities I most definitely can't become a leader in my field since employers are looking for, now more than ever, people who can really lead their companies into a new innovative age! I would also tell myself that hardwork and discipline come in handy too. Since I don't have my mom telling me to do my homework, highschool would be a good time to learn those critical skills and also even if the teacher skips over certain things in the book I should go back to learn it anyway because it will definitely show up in the professors lecture one day. I would also tell myself that turnig assignments one time is critical since my professrs and my future employers will not accept late work , it's not like my employer will give me extra work to make it up! It won't be school anymore!


There are only two things I would tell myself as a high school senior about transitioning to college. The first thing I would tell myself is to take my education very seriously. I would make every effort to get the best grades possible. I would tell myself that education is a valuable tool that not everyone gets to experience and this is not the time to settle for just getting by. The second thing I would tell myself is that no matter how much stress or pressure I might face with going to school and working to keep going forward. I would tell myself that working and going to school will sometimes be difficult and stressful but don't stop. Once that drive is gone it becomes very easy to leave school. As a thirty-three year old woman I now realize the true gift I had when I was eight-teen year old. Stay in school! Don't give up! Take advantage of the opportunity while you have it!