Maryland Institute College of Art Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you either don't do art or if you are looking for a more trade based art education.


The kind of student that should not attend MICA is the one who is not confident in his work. The students who does not want be encouraged or speak directly with faculty. MICA is not the palce for a student who does not want to hear from faculty members or get support from student life.


Obviously, any student interested in MICA should be passionate about making artwork. It is hard work, so you have to be willing to make that effort and learn in the process. Close-minded people (either in regards to making art or social issues) should not go to MICA. The college experience here, in my experience so far, is about opening yourself up to new opportunities and challenges.


Any person who is not artistically inclinded or lacks interest in anything art related. There are some students who don't make art, but, focus primarily on liberal arts or humanistic studies.


I think the only person who shouldn't attend MICA is one that can't open up to the idea of self discovery. I came here to learn about painting, but I've learned so much more than that. I've learned why it is that I paint and how I can relate this to my world.


Anyone who is not seriously devoted to their art should not attend.


Lazy kids that have their parents pay for anything so they go to art school for fun.


anyone who is unwlling to change and grow, those who are unaccepting of things different to their own experience


Assuming that this person is already skillfully equipped and dedicated to a career in the arts. I would dissuade anyone without a strong sense of ambition, or anyone unwilling to immerse themselves into the academic community and city in which it resides. Also anyone who plans on paying for their education through private loans, partically NJCLASS offered by HESAA ( a faceless, heartless, and insurmountably difficult company to deal with).


Besides the obvious, undriven individual whose parents have a couple of extra bucks and send them to art school. Someone who is not completely sure about a career in the arts and also one who is not an art lover. should not attend MICA. Being an art lover is the only way to grow as an artist, especially when its a grand investment.


Artists who want a quality education.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is people who aren't motivated and passionate about their major. If you want to survive here you've got to really try hard.


People who are neither willing to work hard or innovate won't last long here.


Jocks... no sports here, Prissy Girls... art gets dirty...


people who like sports and like to have school spirt. Also those who do not want to feel out of place if they tend to wear a lot of sports clothes and like to go to the gym.


a hard-working, focused person who can take criticism. someone who can offer intelligent discussion and has had intellectual interest in the arts, not just someone who doodles as a hobby. someone who follows what is going on in the art world and also has a good basis in art history. someone who can find connections between their work and other intellectual disciplines.




one who isn't interested in art


A creative ,artistic and hardworking person, because the work load is heavy, and you really need to do it to pass.


Someone who is not willing to try new things and be open to differnet people and different ways of thinking. A person who has any discriminations against people of different belifes, or lifestyles choices like sexual orientation. Someone who is not self motivated, to do well here you need to be motivated to handle the work load and think in an origional way.


Well, if you are not quite artistic and driven I would not recommend enrolling in MICA. It is very demanding and requires a lot of skill and determination. Also, holding conversative views would make the MICA experience uncomfortable probably. We are a very economically aware and accepting community.


A person who is unsure of their interest in the arts, who lacks motivation, and isn't focused on the long-term. Also, someone who is unaccepting of others (they will be forced to confront anything they've ever disliked about a person in this place).


All "kinds" of people should and do attend this school. Who you were in high school is forgotten when you get to MICA. One is viewd not by what he/she wears, but what he/she creates. Those that are close-minded may not do well at MICA.


If you don't truely love your field of study within the arts, MICA is not the place for you. I have created my own interests within my major that has fueled me through the past three years, but if you have a broad level of interests in things partially or not related to art you will not have the patience to finish at MICA. Alot of freshman drop out because they realize that their art form is something they only want to do as a hobby or something they want to create alone.


Everyone is welcomed to experience a diverse, talented, and goal-driven group of people. However, there are a few who don't understand the true meaning behind ART. They shouldn't attend Maryland Institute College of Art. Maryland Institute College of Art is an open door for opportunites waiting to be discovered. If one does not have the commitment and passion, then he or she cannot have a career in this field.