Marymount Manhattan College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I think someone who isn't into artsy things and likes sports shouldn't attend this school because there are no sports at this school and most of the kids are into the arts.


someone who hates the city


Students who want an intense education in law and medicine should not attend MMC since it does not possess all of the courses students with these majors would have to take. MMC offers some courses in these areas but does so in a way where you get a taste or the basics and not the full or entire load of these fields.


A sane one who wants to learn and better themselves by interacting with others.


People who are conservative, this is a very liberal school and almost all the students here are liberal and open minded. People who refuse to open their minds to learn something new


People who are not satisfied easily.


Someone who is conservitive who doesn't appreciate the fine arts.


I believe any one who has a strong desire to craft their field in their specific art would enjoy their experience at Marymount Manhattan College. Art is something quite complex when it comes to its training, but for the individual who wants to persue their dreams and has the talent to back it up, MMC is phenominal. Also, the New York City doesn't hurt when expanding your horizons.


artistic and liberal


The shy, conservative type.


A person who wants the normal college experience like sports and school spirit should stay far away from this school.


Anyone who isn't open .