Marymount Manhattan College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Marymount is that it is centrally located in New York City which can provide incredible opportunities for internships and ultimately jobs. Having the city as your campus and everything at your disposal makes for convienent and adventurous living and can provide one with opportunities you could never get anywhere else. It's also great that our little school has such large connections with companies and firms and provides us with the guidance and advice we need to navigate and live in such a large city.


I believe the best aspect of Marymount is that it is a small school with small class sizes, and therefore learning is heightened because professors have more time to spend with each student and clarification of ideas. The small class sizes also give me the feel of having more depth to my education and areas of study. In class, I can ask a question whenever I want and I know my question will be answered promptly and thoroughly.


The classes are small and intimate. You are able to communicate with the professor and the other students in your class.


It's in NYC


Small classes and great professors.


The small classes. It helps to become friendly with your teachers so you can get as much out of your classes as possible. Making enemies with anyone is just foolish here.


My school is very creative and artistic. We are encouraged to express ourselves though dance, fine art, music and drama.