Marymount University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Marymount University is a fantatsic school located in the D.C. area that offers a tremendous private liberal arts education a fraction of the cost of a larger schools in the region. Its political science and healthcare programs are some of the best in the nation, with the latter being accredited by the Commission on Accreditation Healthcare Management, a national institution. Marymount's curiculum also includes a required internship, allowing all students to gain work experience prior to graduation.


Marymount University is known for it's great medical program as well as it's fashion program. It is a private school which gives students one on one time with professsors. Classes aren't as big as they would be at other schools so professor really do get to know the student which is very important.


My school is best known for the Fashion& Nursing program, and the Woman's Basketball team.


Marymount is best known for being a small privet university, and has a reputation for having one of the best interior design programs in the state.


Our school is mostly known for fashion and nursing.


Our school has some unique programs such as fashion design and forensic science. Other schools did not have forensics so that is why I am here. It is a small school, most classes are under 20 people. We are a Catholic school with strict values. Campus ministry places a lot of emphasis on students to give back to the community,


Its small size and its unique internship program


Fashion design and nursing


Marymount University is known for its diversity. The many cultures that interact daily on campus make Marymount a joy to be around. Students at Marymount do not discriminate no matter the religion, race or gender. That is what Marymount is know best for, its diversity of people.


My school is best known for it's fashion/design and marketing disciplines. It's also very focused on communications as well.