Marymount University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Marymount University?


A person that wants to go to a big school, or someone who just isn't interested in learning. Marymount is a school in which you really have to give your best in order to succeed!


People that want a big school to get lost in should avoid this school because Marymount is a small school and it is very easy to see the same person at least five times within 2 hours. Marymount is a close knit family.


Anyone is able to attend this University, it is a small school, if your not looking for a small school, I think they should look at a different school instead because it is a very small school.


Someone who wants a big college with fraternities/sororities and a lot of different activities shouldn't attend this school. This school is a small, Catholic school. The classes are small. There are only 2 options for places to eat. There are no parties on campus, nor fraternities or sororities. We are division 3 for sports. There isn't much school spirit.


Everyone can attend this school. Marymount finds a way to cater to each and every person.


Someone looking for greek life and a large party school.


A person that is looking for a large school, classes are small, the campus is small, and there aren't that many students compared to other local universities. Someone in search of fraternities, sororities, or traditionals sports, we have not frats or sororities, and out main sport is field hockey, there is no football team. Someone who is intolerant of other views, the school has a large number of homosexual students, and students from other cultures.


Anyone who is uncomfortable with the catholic religion, as it is a catholic school and there is a strong catholic community and presence on campus.


Marymount is a place where everyone of every background would feel at home. There is a pretty diverse student background here at Marymount and since it's such a small school it's easy to meet people and make friends.


A closed-minded person shouldn't attend this university, for it is a Catholic school with individuals of a variety of cultures and faiths.