Massachusetts College of Art and Design Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


An engaging institution where there are no limits to the mind and students are encouraged to become their own critical independent thinkers.


A community of creatives.


MassArt has made me fearless being in a comminity of artists who take you for who you are and are suportive and encouraging.


MassArt is creative, innovative, and encourages its students to work their hardest and achieve their full potential.


MassArt is the only public Art School in America and has attracted a wide range of students of all backgrounds and demographics and while it may seem daunting to find one's place in such a diverse and massive crowd unified only by the broadest desire to, interacting with another human being, especially someone you thought you wouldn't normally interact with, can be a massive step in the life long discovery of oneself with only-ironically- their own inhibitions to hold them back.


Massachusetts College of Art is a school that provides freedom of expression and encourages students to think together to create art unlike any other.


A unique, strong, well balanced institution, that truly teaches you more than you ask for.


A place founded on the belief that the world needs art in every aspect of life, and for this reason, trains it's students to be the best they can be to keep the world an interesting and evolving place.


Some good parts and some bad, it's near many stores and fun things and has great professors with active careers BUT the offices are hard to deal with and I was definitely duped into thinking there would be a lot of financial aid available to me. Overall there are many activites available, you'll never be bored in Boston!


MassArt is a small school of a little over 2,000 students who are all serious about art and motivated in what they do.


MassArt requires one to be self-driven, it is what you chose to make of it.


Mass Art is a school which, focusses on your passions, is open to new ideas, dedicated to help you, has a lot you can learn, is in the center of boston, is concected to the colleges of the fenway, has nice dorms, has an artistic view of everything, is willing to help you get the best you can be in your major, and can get you a job right after you graduate in your chosen field.


THE NEW ENGLAND INSTITUTE OF ART (sorry, this is where I attend) is a busy place full of talented artists and ambitious students; it's wonderful.


A land of ideas and imagination


Creative upbeat lovely school where they're open to anyone and any opinion. Very fast pace must keep up with work load.


Crazy, kooky, passion filled people making art, helping people, having fun, and making a difference.


fun, difficult, educational,


Although they do a decent basic job teaching, they expect you to know a lot and require more than you've been taught.


The place you'll finally belong, after never belonging anywhere else before.


Extremely different but in a good way.


MassArt is a school that challenges you to work as hard as you can and allows you to express yourself and your thoughts through your work.


The most eye opening artistic experience I've ever had!


Massachusetts College of Art & Design is a great college for students who enjoy balancing their creative side (studio classes) with their studious side (at MassART students are required to take "core" classes like Written Communication, Mathematics, and History).

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