Massachusetts College of Art and Design Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are dedicated, empathetic, loving, and talented.


My classmates at MassArt are open-minded, curious, and extremely and entirely devoted to their individual artistic passions.


We are all very eclectic, inspired, and motivated to create art that people can relate to and be in awe of.


My classmates are some of the most interesting and inspiring people I will ever meet. There are all kinds of people at MassArt. They are very hard working students that want to express themselves through art. They are also very helpful when it comes to brainstorming concepts and ideas for different projects, and extremely helpful on providing crits during class, and outside of the classroom. All my classmates are extremely hard working people that never give up on their work.


They are fun, outgoing people, and above all else, accomplished and driven artists.


My classmates are hard working, down to earth people who have a great head on their shoulder.


My classmates are the most creative and warm-hearted people I have ever met. I have really connected with everyone I have met at MassArt. I have not met anyone snobby, rude or cruel at MassArt and I believe I never will. Everyone here is diverse and has their own unique stories; which are inspiring and educational to my knowledge of culture. My classmates are also helpful and enthusiastic about everyone?s passions and talents. Plus, there are no ?clicks? at MassArt, everyone is friends with everyone, I have friends here from all different walks of life. I love MassArt.


My classmates are fun to be around and always help me with critiques.


My classmates were artsy, innovative, creative and inspiring.


Artistic, creative, interesting, friendly, fun, the best art kids around.


Hard working creative young professional, seeking freelance work and not depending on a salaried job not pertaining to her career field.


My classmates are pretty friendly, like every school there is a wide range of people and if you try you can always find someone you get along with.


Diligent, interesting, active, skilled,


A class full of Rock Stars.




My classmates are friendly, open, and helpful to one another.


They try so hard to be unique, so they all end up looking the same. But, they are very, very friendly, no cliques or anything. I would feel comfortable talking to absolutely anyone.


Indie and punk-rock, but friendly artists.


My classmates are very different from one another, bringing a lot of diversity and allowing anyone to be accepted socially.


All of my classmates are very driven, creative people, each with their own personal goals, opinions, styles, and motivations, each are willing to put forth the work needed to be successful at this school, are very willing to help others and have critical discussions, all are very accepting of everyone else there, everyone is very individual, independant, strong in their beliefs, thoughtful, accepting and wonderful.

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