Mayville State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Cooperative with the other colleges to allow you to get your degree online and though IVN.


Mayville State University is a well-rounded school that offers programs in almost every subject imginable.


MSU is a small, personal school with a family oriented atmosphere, where teachers are willing to help anytime and students are really there to learn.


Mayville State University is a great school to attend. I am from a small town originally, so the small classes make the learning experience better. The people are so friendly and the faculty help you out so much. Regardless if they are your advisor or not, they are very helpful when helping you pick out class or just to have someone to talk to. Mayville State University is a computer based campus, so the teachers are always easily accessable by email. You will hear from them very quickly!


Mayville State is very friendly and personal with a wonderful reputation in the field of eduction.


I would have to say meeting the right faculty and staff, which for some students could be hard is the only way you could survive this college.


Mayville State University will give you a little bit more!


Student involvement is the key to success during your time at Mayville State University, a small but inviting school located in Mayville, North Dakota.


Small campus with great people.


I believe it is a great campus for students coming from small towns.


Mayville state is a very personable, rural campus that has technology enriched education programs.


Mayville State University, to me, is exactly what it prides itself on: The School of Personal Service, where everybody in the building is a unique individual where their career and academic goals and aspirations can be met alongside a devoted, empowering, caring staff and faculty that will help you every step of the way and provide you with the education that is needed in today's ever-changing atmosphere outside of textbooks, classes, and tuition, where one can prosper in the prospects of employment.


Mayville State University is a rural based college for teachers and business majors that promotes very high learning standards, features great job placement, and creates many great opportunities despite its small size.


The school of personal service.