Mayville State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I am an online student so I really do not have much to say about classmates except that they are very willing to give you feed back in discussions in order to help you either understand an assignment or to help you take a different look on something in life.


at mayville state the classmates i have encountered are mostly helpful and willing to share knowledge and notes benificial to studying.


Sleeping during class.


My classmates are funloving, exciting, and hardworking.


A lot of my classmates are on the basketball team with me, so I feel that I get along with them really well. If I have any questions about assignments that are due, or announcements that I may have missed from a teacher, I know that if I ask them to fill me in, and they would be more than willing too.


My classmates at Mayville State are culturally diverse, intelligent, outgoing, and driven.


My classmates are diverse ranging from Texans to Alaskans, everyone gets along for the most part with no or little prejudices.


My classmates are fun and exciting, yet kind and caring and take an interest in me as and individual person.


My classmates are outgoing, helpful, nice, and there for me.


My classmates are very helpful, and eager to learn.


My classmates are fun, smart, athletic and diverse.


Friendy and easy to get along with and they are helpful when you need help on your assignment or missed the class to get you caught up and what needs to handed in.