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I am a distance learner from Devils Lake, ND. I take most of my classes online and through IVN. I think its great that I can stay in DL and go to Mayville University online.


Mayville State University has created a dynamic of possibilities with the requiring the tablet pc and keeping a small Univeristy connected. I am taking classes from the same University I attended as a post high school student. Currently, I am able to take classes from Seattle, finish my degree without breaking my bank, and without taking more classes that aren't necessary. I think Mayville has stayed true to itself and it's students by allowing technology to launch them into the future, giving all it's student an edge on success...even if it's later than attended.


I like the high quality of education balanced with the smaller classes. I like being able to get a lot of one-on-one and hands-on work, not just sit in a big lecture hall full of a hundred people, being a no-name for a teacher who would never recognize if I came or stayed home napping that day. Smaller is better in my opinion. Lots more teachers per student.


This school has a great distance education program. I am able to take my classes from a distance of over 200 miles from campus. All the North Dakota State colleges are well connected and I can take classes from any of them and they automatically transfer.


Its a small town school. The community is very involved in the schools activities on and off campus.


the location


It is nice and small. I could have gone to a bigger school that was closer to home, but I wanted to be on a more personal level with my teachers.


The volleyball team is what I found unique. From what I knew they seemed like a very close team which eased my anxiety about joining a new team where I did not know anybody and would be playing for a new coach.


Mayville State University is a friendly, small campus with helpful professors. It strives to give each individual student the learning they need to achieve their goals in life. If you are in need of help on homework, or just someone to talk too, almost any student on campus would be willing to help. The campus is beautiful and everything is in walking distance of each other which is very convenient.


I had gone to a big high school my freshman and sophmore years, I wasn't able to stay focused and learn as much as I was able to when i moved to a smaller school. My graduating class went from 700 to 26 students. I found that I am able to get more help in the smaller schools. Mayville is a smaller school with only 800 students here. The small town feel combined with the cost of tuition makes Mayville my number one choice.


What is most unique about my school, is the fact that is is very small compared to most 4 year universities. Being at a smaller school means that the professor's can not only help you in the class but, they can also help you outside of class and further give you one-on-one assistance, leading to better grades and a better sense of accomplishment.


Mayville State University offers the Elementary Education degree in the form of distance education. I live on the other side of the state, so it is very beneficial for me to have a school that offers this. I thought about other schools that offer Elementary Education degrees, but decided that Mayville would be much more convenient. I love that I can live where I want and receive the education that I want. I have my cake, and I am eating it too.


It is small so everybody knows everybody. You get one on one with teachers preatty much when ever you want.


I live on the campus of Lake Region State College doing the distance learning progam through Mayville and I think its very cool to do this and have all you classes online or delivered over IVAN.


the professors really do care


I believe that Mayville State University's professor-to-student ratio is a very beneficial and unique aspect of the education experience that is gained here. With a low student-to-teacher ratio, there is a lot of attention paid to the needs of each individual student in their strengths and areas they are interested in when it comes to their career and academic goals and aspirations. The cost of education is another important factor that sets MSU apart from other schools I considered because the tuition is lower, yet the quality of education is superb.


It is small and very friendly