McHenry County College Top Questions

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My school is unique compared to other schools because of the diversity within the school. It is interesting to see elderly students amongst students right out of high school. People of different ages and different backgrounds come together at community colleges and it makes the classes fun. It is nice to have people with all different life experiences to share class time with.


There are many smart people and I was able to make many new friends. Also all the teachers are very nice and intelligent. Being in this school keeps me closer to home and still be able to work.


Something unique about MCC is that it is very small and comfortable. The classes do not have more than 20 or 30 students, in fact, most of the classes I have been in have less than that. Because of this, professors and students are able to get to know each other which helps with the learning process.


McHenry County College tuition cost is four times lower then other schools I considered. The lower tuition will allow me to attend and pay as I go , allowing me to obtain at may associates degree with out any debit. The location is also very convienent


My school is unique in the sense that it provides students with a sense of comfort. Every student is treated as if they are an adult, but the teachers are understanding with lifes complications that come up. Classes are small classrooms to allow each student in the classroom to gain the best possible experience. The teachers a very trust worthy and are willing to help you further your education.