McKendree University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about how good of a school McKendree is. It is a private university, and kind of competitive. I tell people how hard it can be to get into, and how I worked hard to get accepted into the school. It is one of the schools around the area that people talk about, and even people in other states look intogoing there.


McKendree is a warm and basically accepting environment. The professors get to know you on a personal level and you pretty much know everyone who hangs around the campus, especially on the weekends. There's a lot of school spirit and a larger sense of community. We all consider ourselves a Bearcat family.


When I brag about McKendree to my friends, I focus on unique aspects. One of these apsects is that here at McKendree, students do not need the "party" atmosphere to have fun. There are plenty of events and organizations to keep students involved and entertained without the negative effects. McKendree is in a location where students have an unlimited amount of options to have fun.


The campus is beautiful, diverse, athletic, and still hosts a small class size. I love the one on one with the professors. The college feels like a cornerstone for a new beginning.


Great athletic teams and the academic programs. Over 90% of graduating seniors get a full time job within 10 months of graduation. And I love the class size, they are small and I am able to get lots of personal help from professors which makes it easier to learn the material.


How friendly the staff and faculty members are.


I brag about the quaint location and size of the school and the awesomeness of the professors that it holds.


Enjoy being in class with knowlegable instructors.


The debate team! McKendree, a small private school in downstate Illinois, with an undergraduate class of 2,304, has a small, but powerful debate team. McKendree has won eighteen Pi Kappa Delta National Championships, nine teams advance to final rounds at the National Parliamentary Debate Association Championship Tournament, four teams finish in the National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence Top Fifty, four teams attend the National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence, eighteen events qualify for the American Forensic Association national individual events tournament, and has had ten events advance to elimination rounds at the National Forensic Association national tournament!


When I talk about McKendree, I like to tell people how involved the teachers are with the students. I often joke that it is like High School, but the truth of the matter is that having your professors so invested in your success is priceless. Especially in the School of Education at McKendree, the professors are always available and ready to help you be the best student you can be.


I love the idea of a small campus. Every time I am walking to class, I see someone I know and it creates a sense of belonging. The small campus allows the professors to get to know every student personally outside of a "student". This is a huge benefit for the student because if they ever have a problem, the professors will quickly help and most likely understand the situation. Also, small classes are a plus! They somewhat force people to participate and they end up getting more out of the class because of the class size.


I love how the classes are smaller and the teachers actually know who I am where as when I was at a bigger school, maybe two of my teachers knew who I was. Even teachers I don't have have gotten to know me and ask me daily how I am doing and are very helpful.


The diversity of students on campus


That the sports programs are amazing here and the academic level is very high!


The University is an easy transtion from a smaller high school. The campus is nice and compact and everyting is easily accesable. Our foot ball field is amazing and ou rbaseball field is unique.