McKendree University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who do not value extracurricular activities should not attend McKendree. This Univeristy is meant for student athletes and students who value school organizations such as choir, band, or academic teams such as debate. The school is very small and is not fit for those who like to have outrageous parties.


If you're looking for a large school buzzing with activity all the time, I suggest you find another school. McKendree is a small, quiet campus that is more focused on the academics and the students than the traditional partying and activities. Also if you really love food delivered to you I would not suggest this school because nothing delivers there I promise.


In my opinion, anyone could attend this school if they would set their mind to it. It is a private university, so it is slightly costly. If a person is not serious about their education, and isn't attending for the sole purpose of learning, then they should not waste their money and attend this school, or any school for that matter. Make sure your dedicated, willing, and accepting of all the changes around you.


If one lacks the desire to learn or the commitment needed to obtain your degree, then higher education in general may be difficult. Mckendree may not be for a good choice if you disagree with the following college characteristics: 1.) I want advisors to provide an insight and guidance as I progress through my program of study. 2.) I am looking for an environment that has an uplifting or community feel to the campus life. 3.) I appreciate all the academic resources made available to me to assist in my success.


A person who is looking to go to a big school with a lot of things going on every day.


I don't believe that there is any type of person that should not attend this school. The staff and administration makes sure that all feel welcome to enroll.


A person that shouldn't attend this school is a person that perfers larger communities and a vast variety of students.




If someone enjoys a city-like environment of busyness and fast pace, I would not encourage them to attend McKendree. McKendree is located in a small town and it is a small, family like environment. While the work load is challenging, there is a completely different feel to a small university, compared to a large university. It is easy to fit in at McKendree, but it is not easy to blend in behind a large number of people.


Someone who wants to go to a really large school shouldn't attend Mckendree. It's a relatively small campus, and it has a smaller amount of students than a big college would. Also, if you're a person whose heart belongs in the city to the point that you would be homesick or feel out of place somewhere that wasn't a big city, than Mckendree shouldn't be your choice because Lebanon, the city where Mckendree is, is very small and doesn't have the feeling of "city life".


whoever does not want to


You should not attend this school if you are not a self motivated and independent learner. McKendree requires that each student be proficient in writing papers and has the confidence to become independent in completing the required assignments.


A person who is not willing to work hard and take academic achievement seriously should not attend this school. A person who enjoys large crowds and big-city environments should not attend this school.


A person shouldn't attend McKendree if they want to be just another face in the crowd, or if they want to use being anonymous as a way to hide from having their flaws exposed. Also, a person that likes big city life would have a bit of a hard time here because the school is in small town Southern Illinois. McKendree is also definitely not a party school, so if you're into that sort of thing, I would suggest another university.


People who like the fast life, or those who like big-city life may not like McKendree because it is a small college in a small town. People who do not care about academics or who are lazy should not attend this school either. McKendree strongly emphasizes academic excellence, hard work, and community service.


McKendree University is a private school located in a small town in Illinois. The focus of McKendree is to offer students with individual, one-on-one attetion with the small class sizes and campus. I feel as though any person would not like McKendree is they were looking for that large campus feel and interested in being surrounded by a great number of people. McKendree has under 2,500 students and everyone seems to pretty much know everyone. A person not interested in a small town life would not like that.


I believe that anybody can attend this school. There is something here for every personality type.


Athletic, smart and outgoing person!