McNally Smith College of Music Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Try harder to get a job right now. You need to save money so that you can enjoy your time in college without having so much financial stress. Get a job so you can buy what you need to now, so you have it in college, because you won't have spare money to spend once you get there. Save money for a laptop throughout school so you have it before you need it. Also, prepare your skills before you arrive at college. You are skilled musically compared to the people around you in high school, but you are going to be far overshadowed once you get to Mcnally Smith. Start legitimately practicing so you can start learning intermediate and expert level skills once you get there instead of having to start from the beginning. This will also increase your confidence by leaps and bounds, which will enable you to make more friends and take advantage of the networking possibilities. When you get to College just remember that everyone needs and wants friends; be nice and try to learn from everyone, and you will make friends easily.


I love McNally Smith so much, the classes are small and the attention is very focused. Although i have only been here for less than three months i have changed and grown as a person. I have learned so much about music in the time that i have been here and have become a much better performer. I have friends who are in all grades and so i can always count on them to help me with my homework if i am having problems. I am excited to see what will happen in the next semesters, I can positively look forward to the future now!


I think that if I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to take advantage of everything that I could. Every oppurtunity to gain knowledge or meet people or just do something out of the norm. I would encourage myself to pay attention in class and ask questions. I would also want me to do as many other activities as I could as well as just living life and having fun. Much like I have done only I would have known to do it from the start, also to take lots of classes in many different areas.