MCPHS University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.

Adaeze Y

It is a health professional school that not only challenges you to be you can be, but drags you along to become better than you can be.


My school is perfect if you want to have your dorm be in the same building as the majority of your classes.


A small campus that is easy to figure out, friendly upperclassmen that are very helpful, and excellent academic advisors/conselors for anyone who needs one on one advice.


Strange yet diverse school full of all sorts of rewards and struggles.


A miserable experience.


A very small community focused on properly educating future health professionals.


Massachusetts College of Pharmacy is a challenging yet excellent school which teaches students about the importance of determination and academics.


To attend MCPHS you have to know what career you want because there is very little room to change your mind.


My school is very focused on education and career goals and has very few extracirricular activities unless someone is involved in a fraternity.