MCPHS University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is best known for the outstanding professionalism that is taught to each and every health science student that attends. The college is also affiliated with many top of the line hospitals including; Brigham and Women's, Massachusetts General Hospital and Beth Israel. There, students are able to learn and be housed for their clinicals.


My school is best known for its science academic programs: which includes the PharmD, nursing, chemistry programs.


Our school is best known for the 0-6 pharmd program this means that students are accepted into the pharmd program directly from high schoolspend two years compeleting the undergrad requriments and move into the graduate program as third year students if they have a 2.7 gpa. Then students complelete thefour year graduate portion and go on to be pharmasists


My school is best known for the pharmacy program. It's also known for other health sciences but there's strong emphasis on pharmacy.


I would say my school is best known for its pharmacy program.


It has a good pharmacy student success rate.


It's best known for it's Pharmacy program and the program is world renowned. All of the health science programs are new and expiremental and the students feel the brunt of the disorganization.