MCPHS University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The one aspect of my college that I brag about to my friends back at home is the fact that every person enrolled in my college has similar goals and interests. Since my school is health care based, it is very easy to find and attend study groups because every one is in the same boat as you and has similar classes that they have to study for. The environment at MCPHS University helps me to succeed and work my way up to my goal of working as a Physician Assistant when I graduate.


I mostly brag about the jobs and extracurricular activities I am involved with on campus.


This school is in the heart of Boston, couldn't be in a better location.


I'm not a number in my school like many others, and I get to walk less than a mile too Fenway Park.


I brag to my friends that my school is small and personal. It's easy to approach people, the campus isn't large and intimidating, and I don't have to leave my building for class.


Being in Boston, accelerated programs, good job placement out of college.


I brag about how professional my school is and how my professors are incredibly intelligent and really know their material.