Medaille College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If one could go back and talk to their high school senior self, there are a multitude of wise prompts and words of advice that would need to be given. The younger version would need to be told to continue to endure and do well in all those advanced placement courses, in spite of it being the final year of high school, as that will prevent heaps of excess future work, provide the opportunity for other courses or potential experiences, and will properly prepare for the forthcoming semester workloads. To the younger woman: "Don't be so introverted and reserved, open up, become more involed in college activities from the start, and there will be no doubts, regrets, or wonderings of what could have been." Always work diligently and make connections with your professors and colleagues, however there is no need to be in a constant state of stress or worry, for all will work out as it should with the appropriate balance between determination for the future and excitement for the present. The friendhsips and relations made with classmates are just as important as those made with educators. Lastly, all aspirations and dreams are attainable; never dicredit your capabilities.


The advice i would give myself is "It's okay to be focused, but don't be so scared of failure". I was scared of failing and not doing well that to stay more focused I pushed everyone away beacuse i thought they would become a distraction. I can admit that i ruined my social life beacuse i was so afraid of failing in college. I pushed my friends away and even pushed my family away. At the time it seemed like it was the right thing to do so i can stay focused. Looking back now, i realized that i pushed my support system away. Those are the people who want to see me succeed and even if i do fail they will help me get right back on track. In conclusion i would tell myself that it is okay and those distractions may actually be helpful at some point thoughout my stressful years of college.


I would advise myself not to be so nervous and to take everything one step at a time. I'd advise myself to do everything as it comes and no last minute to cram it in.


Since I never tried my best in high school, the first thing would be to tell myself that anything is possible. My grades were average or below, never a part of any organization, sports or honor roll. If I could back in time the first thing to tell myself is to go beyond 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} in my academics. I would fefinitely join sports and clubs. I returned to college after 20 years, and these past two years have been the best as far as school goes. Now I love school, and I don't settle for less than an A or B. Last semester I made the Presiden'ts list, something I never believed capable of. I have earned credit in the honors program, another big accomplishment. I recieved a scholarship, first in my family. The way I feel about school and my attitude towards it has changed my whole mentality. I have gained wisdom and knowledge and everyday I apply my skills. I would tell myself that the years in college are the best to come. That you can be unique in your own way without fear. The freedom in learning is based on how organized and responsible one is.


If i went to go talk to myself as a high school senior basing what i know now i would tell myself to never give up. After one year of the college i realized that the transition was easy and yes i may get homesick, but i always have my friends right by my sides. I would also tell myself to work hard my senior year so i could get into my dream college but not be discouraged if i didnt because i can transfer next year. Finally i would tell myself to believe in myself because I know what i want to do and how to get there I just have to apply myself.


Managing time in college is essential to succeding in college


If I could go back to my senior year in high school the advice I would give myself is that high school and college is two completly different things. High school people are imature, play around alot, and follow one another. In college they don't do that because there older and mature, and your paying to go to school so you take your education way more seriouisly now as to when you were in high school. Another important piece of advice I would give myself is that you have to go to class everyday, and you get way more homework in college then you do in high school. If you choose not to show up to class that's your decision the school, and teachers are still getting paid regardless and your not going to get baby like you did in high school because this is the next step in your life, and it's reality. Also, if you didn't get alot of homework in high school, or you just didn't do it your in for a surprise because in college you get homework every day and have to write multiple papers everyday for the semester.


Forget about relationships until you are on the track of marriage after education is established. It will be hard, but very much worth it.


For the two years of Medaille , I’ve experience a development of myself and the goals I want out of life. When I first started out my major was Business Law, I recently changed my major to Communications. With such a diverse crowd of students and faculty it showed me the joy I get out of interacting with people. From what I’ve gotten the most from Medaille is to be open to new people and opinions. Even though my collage journey is not over I hope to experience a lot more.


Since I have started college I think so far I have learned better communication skills, and I am able to better interact with people that i dont know and I think I will need these skill when I graduate from college due to the fact that I would like to go into the field of reporting and radio. Communication is the key to life because it is used in everyday life even with people we dont know. Mt experience so far in Medaille College has been good because its a small based College and inside the classrooms the professors are able to give that one on one attention that they can because its a smaller enviornment. I love to learn and always is looking for news things to learn on a daily basis. things that go on in this world is something that i will have to deal with when i graduate like paying bills and having a set career and being independent so im getting life lessons while i experiencing this college life. Overall i will be the first in my family to graduste from college so being able to say that is a great life experience to me.


What I've gotten out of medaille is time. A lot of my time at Medaille is spent hanging out with friends between calsses and studying togather outside of school. We really try to make our tiny school a lot of fun, it's been a lot like highschool but were all starting to really grow up. I had to learn study skills upon entering college and those i realize are very important, college has broken the perfect little bubble of where i grew up. Keep in mind its a tiny school so i think any bigger school would have majorly overwhelmed me or changed me a lot faster from the person i was to the person i will someday be when the entirety of the real world is upon me. My school allows me to grow up slower and keep my "peter pan" years alive and I love that about it, its been so valuable because it's allowed some of the kid in me to remain unlike my friends and thats important to me beacuse the amount of time we spend being young in todays society is way smaller than our time spent being old.


My college experience has had it's ups and downs. It's taught me that when you have a problem you cant ignore it. You have to deal with it head on or else it will not go away. College has taught me not to be afraid to ask for help. It could mean the difference between earned credits, or a waste of money. College is a whole different ball game compared to high school. It's harder, and you really have to buckle down and be serious. College has taught me time management skills, and study habits. It's taught me the difference between a want and a need/priority. Lastly, my college experience has taught me to make friends and have fun. It makes the hard work so much easier.


I have learned more about myself heere at medaille than I have learned in any other way or experience in my life


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience. I have learned how to write an essay better and have been learning a lot about my career. I have made many new friends on campus. I have learned better studing methods to use before a test or quiz. It is vauable to attend college because I need a degree for my career. Attending also allows me to learn many things in classes, even those that do not involve my career.


I woulod tell my self to not get too friedly right away with people . watch your self or you can get into troble. if a problem happens make sure to report it right away not a week later.


Things are not going to be the same in a few years. Life will get harder, take a year off, go places and do things. Then come back and decide on a career. Life will be awesome, but will be difficult at times and its up to you to make the choices, no your mother or father, or friends and other family. This is now a time for you to mold yourself. Everything happens for a reason, just remember that. Take one day at a time and enjoy the simple things in life. When you decide to go to college do the best you can, and hopefully it will be all that you want it to be. You can do this. Everyone around you is very proud of you and wants to see you succeed. They will be there to pick you up when you fall. But you need to ask for help. YOU CAN DO THIS!


if I could go back to high school I would start looking at what I wanted to do in life alot sooner. I would have done better in math so that I could understand college level math with more ease. I would have also looked for more scholarships to pay for school because right now I have alot of loans that I am not sure how to pay when I get out of school. Another thing I would do is I would have joined a club in high school because when I came to college I didn't know many people it took me a few weeks before I really met some people that I would hang out with and have fun. I would also tell myself that I need to study more than I did in high school eventhough I was studying and getting A's and B's in high school I would tell myself to study more because I started to get alot of C's in college or less. Lastly I would have told myself to do an overnight visit at the college's I was thinking about because it would have helped getting adjusted.


During the whole process of getting ready for college by choosing where you want to go and what scholarships you would apply for became very stressful. Starting out with research very early is always a lot of help especially if you start your junior year of high school. When dealing with money stick to a budget and make sure you always have enough rest to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Procrastination is always an easy habit to fall into. Saving things until last minute is not going to help the work load on yourself in the end, so just stick to spacing out the work you do before deadlines can take off some stress. The final part of transitioning is to make sure you take time for yourself. Don?t overwhelm yourself with homework all hours of the day, and set time apart to hang out with friends.


The advice I would give myself is to stay on top of all the assignments given so I wouldnt have to rush to get anything done. I would of also told myself to get another job so more money would be saved when it was time to buy books and other things needed in school. I would tell myself to not let school and other problems stress me out because they ca mak me unfocused.


Apply for as many scholarships as possible College is expencive. Also Dorming is a better choice than running back and forth on the expessway wasting gas, it about even outs now. Chlange yourself with everything that life dumps in your lap.


If i could go back to my senior year in high school the best advice i could give myself would be to start becoming more independent. In college the teachers dont keep reminding you when due dates are, or when tests have been schedueled. In college you become very independent and realize that other people are not going to make you succeed, only you can make yourself do well in your classes. You also have to be prepared to talk to the teachers and guidance counslers in your college to take care of your financial aid needs and picking classes for next semester. High school is meant to get you ready for college, but i dont think that students realize the major diffrences between the two until they have lived their first semester in college.


As a high school senior I would tell myself to believe more in yourself, with academics and with college life. Coming in as a freshman can be tough but be true to yourself and know that with hard work you can achieve your goals. College is suppose to be a challenge and knowing that ahead of time, gives you a chance to prepare. Now being in college for two years the first year I did fairly well academic wise but the confidence in myself to achieve those grades were not where it needed to be. Having the self confidence that you did well on an exam is essential in order to continue to enjoy college life. In addition, do not be afraid to be who you are, because that is what makes you; you. Being at college allows you to be the person you want to be and remaining true to yourself can help you in every aspect of college life. Most of all, have fun in college! College is only for a few short years and yes, grades are the most important but developing friendship and being active is just as important.


I think that finding the right college has to be made by the student not the parent. The size of campus and classes has to fit to the student. Also the students need a chance to meet their professors to see if they can offer the education that they need. To make the most of the college experience a student should live on campus. This allows a student to meet new people and really get a feel for the campus.


Find the best fit for your child for what he/she wants to study .


Go with your gut feelings and make the most of it. Remember that just like life there are good people and bad people every where. Live on campus if you can. Be open to making new friends. Remember that if you ever felt like you couldn't be yourself, now is the time to be free and be all that you can. Encourage others to do the same. Lastly dont forget to figure out who you are if you dont already know.


College is a place where in individual should seek education. Picking the right college is very important, because it determines your future standing. When picking the right school, make sure that your major is offered and try to meet with professors before hand. Once the school is chosen, make sure that a tour of the school is planned. Taking a tour of the school helps an individual determine that this is the school is right for them. Above all, school can be fun, but never let social life take over academic life. The purpose is to learn new things and succeed in life!


Don't just choose a school because your friends from high school go there. Choose the one that's best for you. One that has the right class size for you, one with many extra activities, and well liked, friendly professors.


dont rush the decision. and definatley dont base your decision on one factor, such as athletics. Academics are what you go to school for, and its all you have once you graduate, so make sure you do the best you can for yourself. Also, dont be afraid of the sitcker price of the school. many schools offer financial aid to almost all students. its like buying a car. the price is never as high as the MSRP sticker.


Administration should be easy to work with, able to answer your questions, treat you kindly, and dont beat around the bush. Always stay ontop of your financial aid. Consentrate on your school work, make it your priority. Work hard because it is all worth it.


Finding the right college is all about feeling comfortable and fitting in. As a student I was always concerned about small class size and feeling comfortable. I reccomend visiting schools and maybe shadow a student to see how classes are an what the campus is like. As for parents, it is easier and less stressful on a child if you simply just support their decsion and ae there for them when they need you throughout the college process. As for making the most of your college experience try to everything you want to do without overwhelming yourself. It will make you feel more comfortable at college if you are a part of a team, group, or club. A life long friend can be made. Lastly just have fun and enjoy every minute of your college experience.


Finding a college is a scarey yet enjoyable experiance, you have to be true to yourself and pick the school that you like the best....dont go somewhere because all your friends are going there. Pick the school that's best for you!!! College is about finding yourself and forming new relationships with friends and faculty. DONT STRESS this experiance will be remembered for a lifetime!!


Be involved and openminded about the entire college experience. Make sure you participate in college visits and activities. Choosing a school that would fit me academically and socially was very important and as soon as I stepped foot on Medaille's campus I believed that was where I belonged. Make your college experience everything that you want it to be. Never miss out on an opportunity to step out of your character and try something else. Try joining at least one club or taking part in a workshop or activity that is different from anything you've ever done and introduce yourself to everyone. You would be amazed at what interests you and who you would become friends with. Bring everything that you could imagine needing on a daily basis, then bring everything else You never know what will come up