Mercer University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to work a little harder in the last year before college, if I had done that I would have gotten more of a university scholarship possibly. Also, that I should be more proactive on applying for scholarships. If I didn't wait so long to apply for some I could have applied for more and had a better chance at maybe getting some, since college tuition is so costly I don't have many means of paying for it.


I woudl advise my high school self to be patient and take life one step at a time. Striving to get a college degree is not something to take lightly. You may feel like you're ready to take the leap into college but don't be so fast to grow up. In college you wil be faced with many obstacles that may distract you, and get you off track but you must stay diligent. Do not lose sight of your goals and get caught up in your newly found freedom. Getting into college is the easy part. The hard part will be not falling victim to being a part of a generation that feels like they must live the full sterotypical "college experience." I know you can do it! You are a very intelligent young man and you can reach any goal you set for youself. Just remember to stay focused, be diligent, and never give up. P.S. Do not get that job at the shoe store. The discount may be great but it definitely won't be enough to help pay tuition. P.S.S. Procrastination is bad! DO NOT.. I repeat. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, there is not a whole lot I would tell myself. The main thing i would tell myself is to remember what I want. Remember why I made the decision for the college and major that I've chosen, and to not let others bring me down. I would tell myself to learn to study as well, because I've needed it. If I had mastered studying sooner, college wouldn't be quite so hard. And I wish myself the best of luck.


I would have told myself to save more money I made from my part time job at McDonalds. I spent so much of it just goofing off or on clothes I really didn't need, when I should have saved it to help pay for my freshmen year. I started college with less than fifty dollars in the bank, and now I have to find a way to pay a monthly bill to the college of my dreams. I also would have picked up more hours at McDonalds so that I would have more money now, instead of waiting until I got here to pick up extra shifts.


Dear Jennifer, As a high school senior, you are getting ready for your college years. They are definitely some interesting years. However, there are some things you need to know before you get here. One of the biggest and probably most important things you can do for yourself, and me, while you are still in high school, is to develop good studying habits. I know you hate studying but it will help you, not only in college, but also where you are now. Another important thing to remember is not to worry or be anxious about things you just cannot control. If you study as much as you can and still end up making a bad grade, do not worry. You did your best and you cannot control what happened - let it go. One more thing before I go. If you ever feel like college is overwhelming or you just need someone to talk to, call your mom. I know for a fact that you really will not want to because you feel like you should not need her, but just call her. It will make you feel so much better. Sincerely, Your future self


Don't wait to start taking advantage of all the new resources around you! You've finally graduated from the (sometimes coddling) atmosphere of high school. You now get to design a class schedule fitted specifically to YOUR interests, and sleeping patterns! You can choose from dozens of extracurricular activities and organizations. This new level of individual agency can be intimidating at first, but you cannot allow the worry about making mistakes stop you from joining the fun right off the bat - dive in headfirst and see how far you can go!


There is nothing that can prepare you to be three hours away from home, and stressed out about grades, friends, family, and so much more. My best advice to give to you is to stay true to yourself and never let go of what you know to be right. I am not saying to not accept people who do not agree with everything you believe because I know you have a tendencey to do that, but never fall into peer pressure and do not forget where you come from. It is so hard to get caught up in everything happening, but remember that God is always with you, and prayer is very much needed to get through the long days and the good ones. If you get overwhelmed just rememeber that mom and dad are always going to be proud of you, and just try your hardest in everything that you do. You are so blessed to go to Mercer University, and there are great things in store for you here. Also...with the relatioship adivce, do not settle, and do not ever be desperate. God has someone specially made for you, and you will be happy no matter what.


There are many aspects of advice I would give to my "high school senior" self. Most would expect for me to say " focus on your studies" but for me, the most important advice would have to be " just be yourself." I say this because I know that when it comes to college, that it's a whole new world. It's as if it is a "fresh start" so to speak. You are able to show what makes yourself unique, or you can follow what the "crowd" is doing. I strongly believe that I am a hard worker determined and drivened to make my dreams into reality and as long as I just remain myself, I know that distractions will not be an issue for me during my college career. This, of all, will be the advice I would give to my "high school senior" self.


College is much harder than high school. You will have to commit alot more time and effort into your college coursework. Also you need to speak up and ask questions if you are unsure. The instructors will not accept any excuses for late work or work not turned in.


Knowing what I know now about college's obstacles and stress, I would tell myself as a high school senior to be involved early on; that time never holds still. Ever. I always knew in my heart what I wanted to accomplish, but as a senior just graduating high school, it felt so far away and impossible -- just as it felt to get through high school, I never thought it would end. Unfortunately, time can be cruel and may fly by without realizing. As I went through community college, I found myself set back due to feeling very unprepared and obtaining little help towards accomplishing my goals. I did not truly know what it meant to be a college student. I would go back and tell myself to work hard right away, but if I did feel like it wasn't the right time, to not waste that time either . I would tell myself that it is not the end of the world to not finish school in a traditional manner and that it is just that - traditional. To tell myself that I will be stressed, but that everything will be okay. Keep your head up, Elaine.


First thing younger me is apply apply apply. You got all these expectation of how college is going to be and you forget people are not just going to give you a scholarship for graduating. In the short run its boring, time consuming, and some are completely oblivious; nevertheless, do it. In the long run it will pay off and you won’t have to worry about it so much in a couple years. Next younger me don’t not; and I repeat do not forget deadline they are important and forgetting one an be detrimental to you and before you realize it it’s to late. Lastly, but not less younger me continue to do what your doing. It may not look this way now, but your making a lot of family, friends, and people you hardly know proud and they just want to see you succeed. After all we still got a long way to go if were going to be the first millionaire in the family.


I would advise myself that this is the real world. Mommy and daddy are not here to tell you what to do. You have to make your own decisions now. It will be difficult at first, but it gets better. You will make some mistakes, but that is the part of life. It is up to you to learn from them. College is about growth. There are some people here who are immature and still think they are in high school, therefore they are doing high school stuff. Just ignore those people. They are not worth your time. Most of all, always walk with your head held high.


I would tell my high school self to try hard and develope better study habits. The ability to study well is the most important skill a high school student could take to college.


I would tell myself to be more aware of the challenges and diffculties present in going to such an expensive school. Even though your intensions are good, the road is going to come with some challenges that will seem impossible to overcome, so keep your head up, stay focused, and keep faithful to your desires. You should also look for as many scholarships as you possibly can cause it will certainly help out a lot. And make sure that you are sure about what you want in life. And keep in mind that there are numerous people that want you to succeed so know that you're not alone on this journey and don't be afraid to lean on others. And when times get rough remeber that you have those people as well as God that will give you support when you need it.


I would tell myself that one of the first things I should have done was visit the school more and actually get to know the place in and around campus. I would tell myself to make sure to participate in the various events offered during the summer as well so not only would I have been able to get to know the school but also meet some new people. Visiting and getting more information and getting things done sooner and on time would be the first important things that I should have done and would tell myself to do to ease the transition into college.


If I could go back through time to give advise to my younger, high school, self, I would have a lot to say. I cannot really say I was ever caught off guard by the transition to college life, but before actually going to Mercer I should have pursued more scholarship opportunities. I would sternly tell my younger self, "Jonathan you listen up! The first year you'll be alright financially, but after that Mercer will be a jerk and will withdraw some of its financial aid. Don't get fooled into thinking the university will pull through for you all four years." Besides that... I would tell myself to enjoy freshman year a little more. I had loads of downtime from taking general education classes and introduction courses. I spent most of it mindlessly on facebook and xbox. I needed to live a little more. I would push my younger self to not slack off on getting my license. I actually just got my driver's license a week ago. My younger self needed transportation that first year on campus and ended up being a burden to people. Also I would have told myself to take more AP courses.


Study harder for calculus in the ACCEL program. Make sure you do not take anatomy at Georgia Military College because it will not transfer to Mercer. Take Spanish and some businesses classes for when you transfer your credits after senior year. Mercer is not like Georgia Military College, it is much harder. AP Physics and AP U.S. History classes from junior year are more accurate for Mercer’s expectations. Study harder. Do not accept a 3.8 GPA at Georgia Military College. Strive for the 4.0; it counts more than you know. Do not take Chemistry since you will not need it when you transfer because of the biology classes you are considering. You will change your career path to Marketing, so strive for that when you consider the classes you decide to take at Georgia Military College. Do take New Testament with Dr. Nash your freshman year at Mercer, he will change how you view religion and enrich your overall college experience. Pay attention to your notes. Learn to write less information and write the key points instead. This is probably the most important thing to do. Second major in Spanish, it will enrich your life.


I would tell myself to stay in school and plan for the future by applying for many scholarships, researching the internet for different colleges and most of all looking into financial aid for college money.


I would make sure that I applied for a lot more scholarships than I did because college is very expensive, and the price is steady inclining every year. I would also make sure that I applied to colleges that I can afford because it is not so great to have loans that you have to pay back. I probably would encourage myself to apply to public colleges only because being in a private university is very stressful, especially when you come from a low-income family. Another piece of advice that I would offer is to find a balance between studying and my social life because college would be extremely stressful if you don't at least have fun. Based on my experiences at Mercer University, I am not having fun here because I am always studying and I am too shy to get out and get involved. The final piece of advice that I would offer is to break out of my shell and become more outgoing and involved with the school because being shy doesn't get you anywhere in life.


Don't take things so seriously. Enjoy the time that you have here with your friends. I promise that they're nice people. Don't let others opinions sway your own intuition. Trust yourself and work hard for what you want. Don't stress so much, it won't be as scary as you believe. You'll do great.


Learn how to study! Highschool may be easy for you, getting straight A's without having to put forth much effort, but college is not that way!! No matter where you go, there will always be difficult classes. Especially when you want a school that will challenge you. But you will get kicked in the butt the first semester if you don't know how to study. With the work load you get in college, there isn't much time to learn how to study so DO IT NOW! The more prepared you are for college, the more fun you will have while still doing well in school!


Prepare yourself to work hard, Kia. You may have breezed through high school, but you have to actually STUDY in college. Don't get so caught up with the social life, and being drunk is never cute. Don't be wowed by the fraternity guys at parties, and keep your head on straight. You'll only hurt yourself if you worry about being "popular"; it's not as important as it feels in high school. Don't conform; continue to do what you love and what you know is right. NEVER follow the crowd. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. But always remember: HAVE FUN!


The best advice I could possibly offer to a young Jillian about starting college is to wait. I would tell her that she should not succum to pressures from parents and friends, and that she should find herself among the wonders of the world. I would tell her that everyone has a place in this world, and that some people need a year off after highschool to decide where that place is. Most importantly of all I would tell her that when she is in doubt to follow her gutt, and trust in those who love her. Finally I would tell her that Mom occasionally knows what she is talking about, and perhaps she should listen more often.


I would tell myself to start saving money NOW! Push yourself to fill out those scholarships and go the extra mile to find the ones that are offered to you. Be savvy with your finances. College can be expensive, so find out how to pay for it the best way. Also, college is not just like high school because you have to be determined to succeed, take the time to study and meet with your professors. College courses are there to help you prepare and give you a solid foundation for the career path that you choose. Take the time to actually learn the information, not just pass the next exam. The professors are there to help you, but you have to go to them and take the time to sit down with them to ask questions. Get involved with your college because that will help you ease into college life and meet new people. The college experience is not just for learning in the classroom but also learning outside of the classroom. This is the time create good habits and learn who you are as a person.


If I could go back to high school and give myself one piece of advice it would be to jump into the college transition whole-heartedly, and not hold anything back. I would really want to push myself to be less scared to leave home and to look forward to the place that I would be spending my next four years. I would want to be more involved on campus my Freshman year, and make more friends because the memories will last forever but the four years goes by so fast. I would tell myself to not waste any time being sad over leaving home, and instead give myself the opportunity to fully love Mercer from the first minute of move-in day my Freshman year.


The advice I would give myself is to stay focus. I am very bright but get distracted very easily. I thought college would be just like high school, just away from home. I didn't study much my first year because I didn't in high school and I always made A's. Academic wise college is something that isn't going to be easy no matter which university you decide on. You have to work heard if you want to accelerate in life. Friends will come and go but you can't take back or redo your education. Your education and contacts is what guarantees you a decent, well off future.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior there would be a lot of things that I would tell myself about college life and making the transition. First and foremost, I would tell myself that its ok to say no to drinking, and that you dont have to get drunk every night in order to have fun or to make friends. I would also tell myself that its important to budget my money monthly in order to make sure I stay on top of my funds and dont end up overdrawing my accounts. I would also tell myself that going to classes is important. Although some people can get away with only going to a couple of classes for a course, most professors expect you to be in class and will give quizzes etc. or have attendence policies. Skipping classes is also a huge waste of money, and the extra hour of sleep is just not worth it. Finally, I would tell myself to get my butt in the gym more often. Although there are lots of big buff guys in the gym, its not a scarey place and it helps reduce stress!


I have received the opportunity to further my education level. All of the administrators and counselors have been extremely helpful; I have been able to prepare for my future with their willingness to aid and support. My college has allowed me take all of my general education courses while preparing for my major. I am very grateful and would love to continue to reach my educational goals.


My college experience is not yet over but I have learned a lot I have learned that you can only rely on youself to get information; that the counselors and people around you often do not have the correct answers and you have to dig deep and find them youself. I have learned that if you stay on top of your work and ahead you will not feel overloaded or overly stressed (expecially if you are taking 21 units, like me!). Most of all, from going to these almost two years of college (so far) I have realized that I feel blessed to be able to go to school and learn about the things and interest me the most, and with that knowledge, have the oppurtunity to get a degree in that field and have a career and spend my life doing something that I chose and love. For me, college has been very valuable to attend because I have learned a lot about biology, the human brain and with that, myself and other people. College is wonderful because it will allow me to make a good life for myself in the future which I greatly look foward to!


I got out of this College a better out look on my life in general. Studying in Liberal Arts helps any one to look at things very differently. Such as the Old-Folks, child care and a general sense of what god intended for us as a people to do. Many times I have asked myself am I doing the right thing in gaining knowledge in areas that high schools could never teach you? That answer is yes I have. And although I am presently unemployed, I enjoy going back to school to learn a trade that will help me in the long run, no matter my age. I need to learn as much as I possibly can because when the grands ask about anything, I want to be able to tell them about it, where to find it and how to apply it. This is why I need this. To have your own transportation, is like angles singing in heaven. I really need this help! I have been shown the way, now I must make it how I can.


I have been able to grow as a person and find great people with similar interests as myself. Mercer has many great opportunities and activities. Also the classes I am taking are challenging yet enjoyable.


What I have gotten thus far out of my college experience is that everything that I learn willl help me later in life. No matter what class the information is coming from I will be able to apply it in my future. Whether it is in the job world or my personal life college is all about making sure that I am prepared for whatever comes my way. I think that college has been a very valuable experience. The professors are all about teaching and making sure that the students understand what is being taught and how it will be important in the area of study. Even in non-specific career classes the professors teach skills that will be most helpful in the future especially in my job. My composition professor taught me how to think critically and how that will be important for me in the future. My college experience has helped me grow in many ways and gain skills that will benefit me greatly in my carrer as a nurse. College is all about preparing the sutdents for the next step in their life. Some might even go so far as to call it the REAL WORLD.


Being at Mercer University, I have learned to manage my time better and to prioritize effectively. Another thing that I discovered during my first semester is that most of the professors want to help you and you should always ask them for help when you're having trouble. I also would like to recommend that new college students not get a job during the first semester, it is more important to get used to college and everything that is going on. I was told that students spend one semester as a freshman and three semesters as a sophomore. I know now what I can do to make next semester better but there are many more lessons to be learned in the future.


I have gained much of the knowledge I will need when I apply for jobs in the real world. Also, in gaining valuable friendships. I can use this to my advantage to gain networks when I apply for jobs.


I was never an "A" student in high school but I have worked my tail off in college to get good grades and be successful. Because of financial and health problems in my family, I have been forced to work ever since I was 16. I am very responsible and hard-working. In order for me to succeed in the rest of my years, I will need the help of others. I am very independent but I know with the help of others, I can do greater things. College has been a great learning experience and I have worked extremely hard to balance work and run. It is amazing.


After so many years of being out of school, I had no idea how little I used my brain. I have gotten much better at critical thinking and am amazed at the knowledge I have acquired in such a short period of time. My self-esteem has greatly improved and I am looking forward to a great future!!!


Hailing from McIntosh County, Georgia, a place where opportunities are truly limited, one learns how to be appreciative of every experience they receive and I can say that my college experience has definitely defined me as a person in my everyday life. For example, before I came here, I wasn't very outspoken, was an over-achiever, had few friends, didn't have a busy social life, was a role model to my peers, but didn't have the self-confidence to reach out. I didn't like that people could see this great person I was and I couldn't. When i came to college, I vowed to make a new start, to broaden my horizons, and do what i wasn't able to do in high school. Now, so far, I have stayed true to that promise. I've made friends, gained a social life, and have a higher resepect for myself than I ever had. This is why my college experience has been so valuable to me- its transformed me into a better person. I was already academically sound, but now I feel that I can be more than just a bookworm. I can be myself.


During my stay at Mercer, I have learned to manage my time better. I have learned to control my mind, to realize how my choices effect my future. I have met alot of people and i have noticed the unique personalities people bring to the college. This has motivated me to express my own unique individuality. I have learned that I am not the only one struggilng through life's challenges, many others are going through a struggle, and if I can learn to see that than I can learn to be a better person. I have become more independent, I have learned to simply say no when it is necessary. Lastly I have learned to balance my life, as balance is the key to all, I have learned to look ahead at my upcomming assignments and do what I can so that I can have the time to have fun and enjoy life. It has almost been a month that I have been enrolled at Mercer University, but I have learned so much, and I know there is still more to learn. I hope to grow and become the best man I could be.


what I have gotten out of my college experience so far is that it helps you grown up really quickly and helps you stand on you own as a young man and as a student trying to go into the real world . College is a growing experience as well as it gives you a set schedule on where you go class and who you take and if you decide not to go to class that is your decision and no one elses and you have to make your own decisions for the most part. it has been valuable to attend as well because college shows the real character of person sees if one is determined enough to succeed.


I have gotten a lot out of my college education. I have made new friends and learned alot. I have learned to become more of an extraverted person, not to hide behind the scenes and sit back. Going to college has and will continue to make me a better rounded person. It has taught me that life isn't always about fooling around and having a good time. There are times when you have to be serious in life and there are times to relax. You have to figure out when those times are. You have to really manage your study time. College shows you that sometimes it is necessary to give up your social time to get ahead. College is the first step in getting to know the real world.


I learned a whole lot of lessons. The main thing I learned is that you are responsible for your actions and the choices you make. Also, you should always have faith when it comes to dealin with difficult challenges. Third, be focused and determined to obtain the goals you have set forth inyour life. I'm glad that I do attend college because it helped me learn how to become a responsible adult and built my character to become a better person. Also, it enabled me to know how to reach to my community and contribute something to it.


I can truly say that since I have started attending college, I have not only gained knowledge but I have discovered more about myself as an individual. I have an older sister, but I was always the only child at home so my mom really sheltered me. My going away to college was the first time I had ever been away from home, so to some it would have been a scary experience. Thankfully, I was always an independent individual before going away to school so "being on my own" was not a hard adjustment for me. I didn't become a party animal and participate in other situations that most people my age would do if they didn't have adult supervision. I learned how strong I am as an individual and to make sure that I have priorities together. My education is very important to me, because I not only want to better my life, but I want to better the lives of those around me.


I love Mercer University, the people I have met and the professors who have taught me make it a great place. There is something great about being a Mercerian. You know someone will always be willing to talk and listen to you. You never feel alone or left out. Even though it is a small school, it has something to offer everyone who attends.


I have not goen to college yet but I know that is fun but you also have to work hard to get good grades and at the same time enjoy your classes. Is valuable to go to college because with out a good education you would not be able to have a better future and better life when you have your own kids. Also now jobs are looking for degrees not just a GED they want better prepared people that would bring inproving to the company and the job you would be performing for them.


The most important thing I have gotten out of my college experience is learning how great diversity really is. Growing up, I have never had much contact with people of other races or religious backgrounds. My school was in a rural county and although our class was quite large, everyone was till pretty much the same in regards to race and religion. All of this changed on August 17, 2008; the day I moved into my first college dorm. Everyone was so different and it amazed me! I had no idea that college would be so diverse. Little did I know that the Asian boy, Tim, would quickly become my best friend that I still room with today, 3 years later! Going to college and experiencing new friends, partners, classmates, and teammates from cultures vastly different from mine was such a great value to me because I realized that the real world was not like my high school back home, but more like my college 200 miles away. Now I am in my 3rd year of college and being enveloped in the diversity of my student body has made me a better person, friend, classmate, teammate, and leader!


i have found that learning really does expand your mind and opens doors that you did not know existed. It gives you the opportunity to put life into perspective and see it as a whole working unit that has reason and purpose. It answers questions that you would have never thought to question and places reality into a realm only few venture. I have to see it through because (like a professor once said) you will not be the same person coming in as you are going out of this learning experience. It gives you more to talk about --with substance to your communication. I can actuallly feel my mind expand and nothing can substitute the hard work, dedication and perserverance that it takes to achieve success.


Motivation to do better and achieve all I set my mind to.


I have been able to discover who I really am as an individual, separate from my parents, childhood religion, and high school friends. The experience has helped me to understand my personal values and morals, and why I hold them to be so important. I am more responsible at prioritizing and scheduling events, and because I have so much independence, I take more pride in myself when I do something right. I am learning how to be a fully-functioning adult and effective US citizen. More importantly, I am not learning the skills to do so, I am gradually finding out that I had these skills all along.


I have recieved a better understanding about both life and education. My college Experience has matured me and is developing me for the real world, I get a better understanding about communication and responsiblity and along the way I have meet great staff and other fellow students with big dreams just as big as mine. I have recieved a sense of indepenence and self confidence for every class I pass. Great Memories, good friends and a life long expericene that will be with me forever. A appreciation for different cultures and different outlooks in life and have gotten a sense of motivation that all it takes is really one person to make a difference and have chain reaction to do good for the community and world! It has been valuable because it sets up a life time plan/goal. And anything you put your mind to you can achieve it is valuable not only for me but to set a example for young people and for my future family members as well to continue on with their education and aim for the moon! Because a Degree is all worth it .


I am almost done with my freshman year of college and the knowledge that I have now does not come close to what I had in August of last year. So far I have experienced the stereotypical "college life" and I am a better person for it. I realized that living the sterotypical life is not the life that I want to live. College is about having fun and meeting new people while getting a useful education. From observing my peers I realized that not everyone uses their time wisely and I am thankful for being able to see that and change my behavior accordingly. It has been a valuable to me because your first years of college mold you into the person you are going to be, or at least start off being. The habits that are established now will stay with you, and I am thankful that I have the knowledge to make sure that I take in useful and life-changing information that can better my current situation, as well as my life.

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