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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Mercyhurst has over 85 registered clubs and organizations, with a student body of 3200 undergrads this to me is remarkable. I was most defintely not your typical involved student when I first came to mercyhurst, but with the more time I spent here I became very passionate about the college and got heavily involved in many organizations mid way through my sophomore year. I am currently involved with the Ambassador Club, Mercyhurst Student Government and I am the new Chair of summer orientation and welcome week. Mercyhurst overs a diverse mix of speakers and performances in our beautiful Performing Arts Centre, all of which are discounted or free for students. Mercyhurst is not a major party school, but as with all colleges there are many opportunities to socialize and meet like minded people :) The activities council hosts many events every weekend, so there is never not anything to do!


There are alot of active clubs and organizations on campus. I'm on Student Government which I think is great. It gave me the chance to meet with students I wouldn't usually meet since there are representatives from every class, and academic school of the college. Getting involved is definitely the best way to meet people at Mercyhurst. There is a club fair held at the beginning of every year where you can join up for all different types of clubs.


Mercyhurst is made up of many different smaller groups. Mercyhurst Student Government is a solid force in the community and something that I am a part of. Sports teams are extremely popular. I met my closest friends by chance in the Cafeteria and also through my major. Partying isn't super intense but there's always someplace to go drink if you want to. If you don't feel like drinking the Student Activities Council usually has events going on during the weekend. As a freshman, it's hard to leave campus, but the mall does indeed exist as well as the rest of Erie.


Our campus has over 86 recognized student clubs and organizations - there is literally one for everybody. If a student wants to start a new club, they can apply for funds to begin that as well! There are also huge leadership opportunities in this school. From the Student Government, Ambassador Club, Laker Leaders, and Leadership Certification Program, there are a number of organizations that help students refine their leadership abilities. Every weekend, our Student Activities Council come together to hold events on campus, ranging from coffee-shop musicians, great comedians, movies, always complete with tons of food! One of our biggest events on campus each year is SpringFest - an annual weekend where MSG and SAC bring in a big-name band and have a festival! It's so much fun and something that people each year look forward to!


Athletes are definitely a large percentage of the population at Mercyhurst. Most teams practice together, eat together, and live together. Certain teams go off campus and rent houses, which I feel replaces the "frat house" thing. We don't have a Greek life here so there's no rush or pledge week. We are a huge hockey school. That is one sporting event that truly does draw a crowd. There is a pretty good following after the Student Activities Council. They host events every Friday and Saturday from about 9 p.m. until 12 a.m. They have things like movie nights, dance parties, food events, and comedians. I am heavily involved in this club and enjoy it very much. From an outsider perspective, students probably regularly "go out" on the weekends. Mercyhurst has a neighboring bar down the street that is Mercyhurst themed and students tend to hang out at. They have karaoke, a dance floor, and pretty decent food during the day. Erie is also known for State Street which is a street of bars that students can be found at night.


There are tons of activities to do during the day here, there is a REC center, many clubs and organizations to be involved with and so much more. the only thing that I can think of that we don't have is a swimming pool. Every weekend there are events put on my SAC (Student Activities Council) or MSG (Mercyhurst Student Government). These events can be dances, comedians, movies, fear factor challenges or anything really! For Freshman There is one week called Welcome Week that is planned full of events for people to meet new friends, thats where I met my amazing new friends! There are always things to do here but honestly it gets old after awhile and the events are awesome but they don't last long and there is lots of down time!


As a student at Mercyhurst, we are exposed to over 80 clubs and organizations we can be a part of. I am currently involoved with Mercyhurst Student Government, Student Ambassadors, Student Activities Council and the Leadership Certification Program. I do not believe there is a set "popular" student activity/group because there is a lot of collaboration among groups to create a better campus activity atmosphere.


Nothing to do in erie and downtown is to dangerous to be in.