Mercyhurst University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


You are on your own. Financial aid I felt could have helped you out more and made sure everything that you needed done was done. That they harped on you more.


The worst thing is the weather. LOTS of cold and snow. Class almost never cancels because of the weather and winter lasts from October to May.


The worst thing about my school has to be the housing. The apartments are extremely old and breaking down. We still have radiators and they don't shut off. Some of the apartments even have mold in them. Second to this is the college's inability/lack of caring to take care of the problem. They barely fix anything, and when they do it is always a bad job. (For example, all they did was paint over the mold, they didn't actually get rid of it.)


The worst thing about my school is that I feel trapped. Freshmen are not permitted to have cars, so your only means of transportation are upper classmen or the bus system. Also, ResLife can be a pain because they tend to take privledges away without warning and for silly reasons. They still view us as "children." So basically you are stuck in your dorm with no visitation which makes it seem like a prison.


I believe the worst thing at our school is our lack of diversity. We have many foreign students, however, they mostly hang out with each other and no one else. It goes the same for the white kids, it is as if we don't want to learn about different cultures or lifestyles. I think if Mercyhurst allowed better ways for the different races to interact, diversity would greatly improve.


I would say that the worst thing about my school is the tuition cost. I feel that the education is often worth it because there is a strong dedication from faculty to make sure that all students are academically successful. A wide variety of graduate and undergraduate programs are offered, giving students many choices for their career paths. Most importantly, I really feel that I am recieving a good education and actually learning something meaningful. However, as mentioned, the tuition continues to increase each year, which causes many students to transfer because they are unable to afford the cost.


Some of the teachers here do not utilize the technology making it harder for some students to learn the material.


The worst thing about my school i feel is the cost. I don't come from a family who has tons of extra money and i can't seem to get any loans to help my parents out. I would love to take that pressure away. School should be about learning and not having to worry about how much your spending and how your family that you left to go to school is going to survive with everything.


The worst thing about my school is the price that we pay to go here and how our money is used. I feel that we pay too much and that our money is spent on frivioulus things instead of adding to what we as students need.


The city it is located in