Merrimack College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst part about Merrimack is the lack of local, cultural opportunities. Merrimack has a beautiful campus, but it is extremely small and undiversified. While it is about a half hour from the city of Boston, Merrimack is not in a college town or an urban area at that. For freshmen and some sophomores, it's difficult to get transportation off campus, and even if one has that opportunity, North Andover is not a college friendly town, so one would have to travel a bit to find exciting, educational, and cultural opportunities.


My only complaint in three semesters of Merrimack would be the course selection availability. My second major is Philosophy, and due to many professors not being there for the spring, there were only five courses from which I could create my schedule. Unfortunately, now my job hours have to be juggled, and it is a big to-do to get things in order.


The worse thing about Merrimack College is the Financial Aid Office, they are not very helpful and it takes a long time to straighten out your financial aid information with them adding to the stress of college and finances.


In my opinion, I believe the "worst thing" about my school is our budget when it comes to outside activites. If Merrimack wanted to have a big concert, it could take a long for all of us to enjoy a huge concert featuring a big artist just because we don't have a huge budget in our club/organization committee.


Because Merrimack is such a small college it can be very clicky. Many students who attend have friends that attend the college as well which can make it hard to make friends because of the unwillingness of others to allow you into their "exculsive" group of friends.


The worst thing about my is that they may not run the food services for the student s but they haven't let the student perspective be taken into some consideration. I am a muslim for example this afternoon, I was going to get some food and i happened to go get the pasta dish they were serving. So i started to eat it but i noticed a second later their were Bacon bits i puked because on their display it said "Chilli Pasta" and what am i suppposed to do if im someone who doesn't eat pork products.


The worst thing about Merrimack College is that it is such an expensive school, and does not offer enough financial aid to its deserving students. It's a great school, but for the amount of money us students have to pay each semester, s it's not worth the education here. I love Merrimack, but if I had the chance to do it all over again, I would choose to go to a 4 year state or community college.


The housing facilities because they are somewhat outdated


After 2 1/2 years at Merrimack College I have only come across one problem and that is funding my education. Yes Merrimack College does give financial aid and I do seek outside scholarships and loans, but for whatever reason I always find my self struggling to pay for school. I work two jobs on top of being a full time student to cover expenses. Although finances are tough, never and I mean never let money drive you away from your dream. Do your absolute best and you will succeed.