Mesa Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Patience. Priorities Going off to college you will need to have all of these, it is your first time off by yourself with out your parents, enjoy it. This time is where you learn who you truly are as a person because you are going to some whole new state to go study, you no longer have anyone holding your hand. As long as you go to every class and do every homework assignment there is no way that you can Fail, all your friends in your dorm will tell you that you dont have to go. You need to set your priorities straight every week, get those things done and kick back and relax afterwards, until then its grind time getting those things done. I think if you are able to be patient, learn, observe your surroundings and set your priorities straight you will do well in the transition phase of college


I would tell myself to save those checks from Mcdonald's and Subway because college is expensive and you will need every dollar in order to afford to attend. Also trust in yourself and beleiving you can do it is half the battle.


I would tell my high school self not to worry so much about all of the drama that goes on with different cliques. It doesn't matter in the the long run. I would also tell myself to take harder classes that would force me to study instead of just skating by easily through the standard courses.


Don't bother with going to Scottsdale Commmunity College, spend the extra hour on the bus and go to Mesa Community College. Focus on the Network Accademy.


If I could go back to my senior year in high school, I would tell myself to apply for a scholarship sooner to avoid putting my single-parent mother through sacrifices that weren't necessary if I had a scholarship.


Senior year me needed a good pep talk and some more motivation, so I would tell my old self to dream bigger and set high goals. College, I've now learned, is a time for discovering new passions and setting the path for who you want to be the rest of your life, and I didn't fully understand that in high school. I would also advise myself to ask for help, early and often. I'm a first generation college student and didn't receive much help from my parents throught the application process, but I forgot to utilize my teachers and college age friends who had experience with adjusting to campus life and college courseloads. Reaching out and making connections is an incredibly important life skill that becomes essential for college success, so I would recommend to hone that skill as soon as possible. Passionate goals and a strong community are the key to transitioning to college, and I would let myself know that my future education is an invaluable investment on the rest of my life.


If I could go back in time and give advice to the senior me, the first thing I would say is join clubs. I was told by so many people to join as many clubs as I could because it would look good on my transcript, but of course I thought I knew everything and decided I would be just fine without joining any clubs. Now I know that it is way more than just what looks good on your transcripts. It is about being a part of something that can make a difference. I know that now because I am part of a club and it is one of the best decisions I have made since attending college. I would also tell myself to stick with psychology as my major because that is what I will eventually come back to in order to go to medical school for psychiatry. Last but not least, the most important thing that I believe everyone would tell their high school self would be to not worry about who is popular or any of the gossip because in the end none of that is relevant.


Don't freak out! Calm down and take your time. Really, focus on yourself and clear your mind of everything that is stressing you out at the moment. Don't let others influence your decision on what you should do next. Do whats best for you and once again, FOCUS ON YOU. Even though I'm from the future I can't tell you how things are for me then. Hopefully you will see the way things will be much sooner than what it took me. But I will say with the upmost clarity that things will get better. Chin up, chest out and smile! Because great things will come your way, you just have to be positive. Oh, and take up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu now, its an awesome sport you will learn to love and if you do it now you'll be a purple belt by the time your're me. Peace.


I would tell myself to save my money. i worked two jobs my serior year of high school. i would sit mysefl down and say, "i know you are having fun right now but if you save the money you are making it will not only make your life easier but you will be able to enjoy your life so much more."


On-line research is not good enough for picking a school that will fit your major. Ask friends and relatives and look for opinions from all sorts of people. Get advise from the Universities in the area to discover what Community Colleges they work with for transfer students as well. Don't count on having the advisement office set up your classes properly becasue they all tend to set it up differently. Get advisement several times over the whole summer break. You will continue to get different advise on what classes to take. It would also be wise to get advise on signing up for classes from the coulselor who has experience in the field from other colleges or universities. You may have to go to other college campuses before finding the one coulselor that you can count on. To save time. Do not go to Chandler-Gilbert's Pecos campus for advise. Their Williams campus has more experienced advisors who continue to keep themselves up to date on the changes in degree requirements.


For many High School can be a though thing to go trough but the transition from High School to college is much harder. For myself if i could go back to my senior year in High School the number one advice i would give myself is dont procasinate in life. In high School one was able to put aside a home worl assighment and come back to it later with no problem to finish it on time, but in college one must focus on the assighment as soon as they can, espeially since we are so busy in life. not only would i tell myself not to procrasinate but i would also tell my self how hard it is going to be to juggle school work and my job. these are probably the things i would myslf if i could go ack now that i have experinced it first hand.


Looking back at my college experience I have had thus far i would go back and tell myself: "Squash your fears you had about leaving home, and your soon to be dorm life is so much more beneficial then you could have ever imagined. Additionally, campus life will be your bestfriend; literally! Being on campus (especially downtown) gives you that close to home feeling you need to be successful. Campuses are not about the size or population number but about how they can benefit you as a student. Your strength and educational drive will help you be more successful then you could have ever thought. Furthermore, not all degrees are created equal, and its okay if you have to change it to find your perfect niche. Don't get in the dumps about it. Your new change in path will surprise you more then you could ever expect now. Believe in the plans you have and you will soar high in your endevors and make your dreams a reality. Continue to push forward with all your might! All of your current and future hardwork will allow you to persue dreams in the future that you never thought possible.


From my college experience as a first year student, I have escaped the "high school mentality" and learned how to best manage my time. Even though community college seems similar to high school on the surface- small classes and simple campus- but there is so much more. You are not your own master, no one to tell you were you can or can't go or what to do. The people in the classes for the most part all behave in a mature manner. The teachers also really commit to treating you like an adult unlike those high school teachers would claim to senior year when it was obviously not the case. Secondly, I really value the time management skill I have developed from not having the high school set up anymore. I now have to manage my time to make sure I pay attention to my assignments since I don't have class all day every day of the week. My online class has especially helped me with time managing. Its all up to me to stay in control of the assignments and discussions. My choice to attend college right out of high school definitely became a positive experience.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would acknowledge the fact that college is not near as scary as I thought it would be. I would tell myself to start saving in advance so I would have enough money when I transfer to Arizona State, and I would also tell myself to enjoy life a little more. As a senior, I was too busy working part time and worried about being the "perfect student". Although that is a great thing to be, I needed to learn how to have fun as well! I would tell myself to be confident in myself and that no one can bring you down unless you give them the authority too. I would also tell myself to be thankful for everything I have, especially including friends and family.


If i could go back in time and tell myself what i know now, the advice i would tell myself is to stay focus no matter what comes in my way. work first play later and everything will be fine. Play a a sport if intersted but do not let that rule your life nd get in the way of your education. keep everything positive and stay away from negative things, theres nothing wrong with going out to have a good time but taking care of busniess is the mort inportant thing before having fun. The transition of high school to college is something new so brace your self and keep your head up and you will be fin.


The most important advice I would give myself, if I was to go back in time would be to tell myself to prepare and plan ahead the things I would do in class. First of all, I would tell myself to get the teacher; know what he or she likes when it comes to homework and exams. To always stay disciplined and to never procrastinate. I would tell myself to embrace better habits, such as paying more attention in class and pay attention to details given in class. To be a good listener, to be a person who asks questions that make sense to the teacher, to put on the work necessary to get the job done, to always get help from the teachers when struggling, and last but not lastly, not be afraid of any challenge or obstacle that is being or taking place before one's eyes. In conclusion, I would tell myself to never give up on anything that is out there because recognition and achievement is what makes us stand out from the rest.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a college senior I would tell myself to cherish people, take advantage of opportunities, and enjoy every minute. I would tell myself to treasure the time left living with your entire family under one roof because you will never have that again. Appreciate the people you have grown up with and have shaped you into the person you are. I would tell myself to seize every golden opportunity no matter how challenging it may appear. Most importantly, I would tell myself to enjoy life. Enjoy every happiness to every struggle because once it's gone, it's gone. As far as transitioning to college, I would tell myself to be open and outgoing because the more you are the more doors you will open. Try not to be scared of new things or people; you will gain much more that way. College is an amazing experience so have fun, but be focused! Lastly, I would tell myself something I wish didn?t take me so long to realize: don?t be afraid of making mistakes, it is how you learn, grow, and become the person that you are.


I would tell myself that time is of the essence and that although things look enjoyful at this moment, if you don't have a college education your chances of continuing to enjoy this lifestyle deminish. Don't waste time "exploring" your options. Go directly to college after you graduate and explore the options that a college degree can offer. I would also adise myself on the woes of unprotected, premarital sex.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice, I would tell myself that studying is crucial. Throughout high school I hardly ever studied because I thought that spending times with my friends was the most important thing; I was sorely mistaken. If I would have studied more, the transition into college would have been a lot smoother and I would be more prepared for it. In high school students can get by without studying, but in college it is a necessity. Spending time with friends is important, but more than half the people I spent time with, I do not keep in contact with.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the main piece of advice I would give myself would be to just relax. I have acheived wonderful things academically (high GPAs, being honored twice on the MCC President's Honor Roll, etc.) so far in my college career but I have stressed so much at the cost of my health and social life, and I have to wonder if it was really worth it. So I would tell myself to not stress so much - that getting a good GPA is definitely important, but that I also need to remember to have fun once in awhile.


College life is no diferent than high school life with the exception of the cost for tuition. The students are diverse and vary in age, beliefs, race, and decency. They come from diferent schools, states, and or nations. In fact you may run into a couple of familiar faces. This much diversity makes attending school exciting and very interesting. The only diference, of course, is that you have to pay for your own books, classes, etc. But be warned, some schools have tuition fees so high they reach the stratosphere and some schools are very anal about who they want on their campus. To prepare yourself for these kinds of schools be sure to talk with your school counselors or to the school you want to attend. So remember it's your life, take control of it.


I would tell myself instead of taking all of my general education classes my first year at a community college, to spread them out with electives to make it easier and more bearable. I wish that I would have figured out my major sooner, so I could take more classes pertaining to my major, and to work harder earlier in college, so I could have a higher GPA for when I transfer to a university.


I would tell myself to learn as much about computer as possible because of how resourceful they will become in the future. I would also tell myself to spend more time taking in tutor sessions to improve certain grades that I know now could have been A's instead of a B's. Just to pay attention to the minor details and develop a relationship with an instructor.


Hey there, remember me? Yeah, probably, but here's the deal, you know how you've always had your heart set on Arizona State University? Well, you're going to regret it. Stop chasing this crazy Physics teacher dream you have had for the past four years. You volunteer at the Aquarium of the Pacific every week, and guess what? The answer as to what you want to do with the rest of your life is right in front of you! If you go to Arizona now, the ocean isn't going with you. Every Sunday will be a constant reminder that rather than being at the aquarium, you are wasting time at this awful job -not attending school. Why? Because you can't afford it! And when you can afford to take a class, its the wrong one. Because your major is going to change. Sure you can comfortably get your Associates in Arizona, and it's what you will do, but don't throw away the idea of becoming a Marine Biologist. You love animals and sure you became a volunteer by accident, but you love the aquarium more than you think. Just please, chew on the idea.


"Don't limit yourself!" That is exactly what I would tell my 17-year-old self if I could go back in time 10 years. Don't limit yourself to certain schools. For example, don't limit yourself to the schools in your home state or the schools that everyone talks about, do your research, there are wonderful schools all over the place! Don't limit yourself to a major. If you're not quite sure what route you want to take, take various classes to see what feels best. Even if you are sure you know what you want to do, throw in a couple of odd classes just to feel things out. Don't limit yourself to what others think! You know yourself better than anyone else. Do what will make you happy. Plan, work hard, have faith and stay focused on the end goal - graduation!


If I were able to talk to my senior self, I would tell myself to start the application process earlier, not to sweat the SAT, and most importantly not to have listen to the people around me who told me and my classmates that we were not intelligent enough to go to school. I would say that though college is hardwork it is no where near impossible.


Lessons are to be made after every mistake. If you remember these few things that I have learned they will help you get through your college experience as a freshman. First, never take online courses. Big mistake! They are a waste of time and they really aren?t your learning style. They can hurt you more than they can help you. Second, stay busy but stay focused. You are going to meet a lot of new friends and they will want you to do things with them that can and will take up your time from your school work. You can have fun but you have to know how to balance work and play. Be strong and grow the strength to tell them no. Last, be yourself. You know who you are and don?t let anyone or situation change that. You will only succeed in this life if you know and understand who you are. Stay in their kid, this is only the beginning of a long journey.


Dont go to school because your family wants you to, you have to want it for yourself! You can set your mined to anything as long as you believe in yourself. Dont try and take 20 credit classes in one sestmer it isnt easy to do specially if you have a full time job. Take your time through out your college years, be yourself but at the same time be samrt and fun. if you cant be that than college is just going to be something you start to hate! Make new friends let people help you. Take your time with everything because you only get one chance. Pay attention to all your school work and dont put it off til the last minute, make time for school and school work! Dont put so much stress on yourself because you think you arent going to make it. Take the correct classes you need for what ever major you set your mined too, and make sure you understand why you need them. Trying to be the best isnt always a good thing. Apply to as much Grant money you can to help pay for school.


I would tell myself to stay calm and to know there was a plan for me, and I'd get there one step at a time. I rushed a lot to find a school and to figure out my major when really I had all the time in the world. Community college to some people seems like a negative thing but for me it was a lot better than I thought. A major university will come to you with time, a community college will help you get there every step of the way. Knowing you're going to make it one day is more encouragement then not knowing where you'll be in 5 years. College is really the next step in your adult life and as soon as you make your decisions it'll all fall into place. Choose wisely, failure is okay, give all your efforts, acknowledged situatiosn good or bad. College life, here you come!


I wish I could go back to my freshman year and really kick myself in the butt, if I had only known how difficult college was going to be financially, I would have tried very hard for scholarships, I would have studied that much more. College life is amazing but I feel as though I could have made my entrance into this new life just a little bit better than I had. I would tell myself to save a little bit more and not spend all my money on useless things. With my parents having a very low income and me living on my own at 18 years old, saving money in high school could have benefitted very much!


If there was a possibility i could change time and inform myself about the transition, the first word of advise would be to save money, and be ready for the constant stress from multiple assignments and classes. I would inform myself about these matters because i was quite clueless, i thought this college scene was the same as high school, the first day of school, i already had homework.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior. I would tell myself to work more harder, take more classes and have fun. I would also tell myself to read more because they are many interesting books out there which help you improve in english. i would also tell myself to relax and don't stress out. I will also tell myself that collage isnt that bad and teachers and students are actually nicer then i thought. lastly i'll tell myself GOOD LUCK


I would tell my self to start saving money much earlier and to be more frugal with my purchases because college is very expensive. In highschool I did not realize that tuition was not the only expense and was amazed at how much my first set of textbooks would be. I would also tell myself to have a little more fun and get involved inhigh school instead or just working so hard on my schoolwork but at least I had a great GPA to show for it. The last thing I would tell myself would be to start looking for scholarships in highschool because I would be much better off now if i had.


If I can go back on time, the advise I will give to myself is to stay in school because it really makes a difference in the future.


SUSANA!!! You should go see your high school counselor. They will provide you with valuable information such as: financial aid, scholarships, college information, standardized tests( SAT and ACT) and tips on how to prepare for college and the transition. Have fun and do NOT stress out. COLLEGE is important and you should really think and prepare ahead of time. Deciding now will make you more confident on your decisions. Actually taking time to decide on your future will allow you time to actually PLAN out what you will do the following years after your graduation. Find out what you want from life, what you are passionate about , what you like/love to do. Don't be scared, deciding your future may be daunting!!! Do community service, volunteer at your local food bank or join a community service club. Not only will your community service look good on your scholarship applications but it will leave you feeling good about yourself. Helping others in the end will help you. You will have made friends and diversify your network. You will be surprised how much time you would have spent researching the endless possibilites that goes into preparing for college. & again HAVE FUN!!!!!!!


If i had the chance to go back to my high school in 2007, I wouldn't waste time with explaining the throughly complicated process that entails applying for secondary education, or even telling myself what eventually would happen and what i needed to do tho make those events transpire. I would simply walk up to myself, grab me by the shoulders and throttle myself and shout "Stop everything you are doing! Where you are now has no connection with where you will end up. The person you are today is not the person you will become. Just stop and enjoy these amazing years while they last because once they're gone there's nothing you can do to bring them back. What is supposed to happen will happen regardless of how you try to influence it. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride." And then, to make the message perfectly clear, i would slap my extremely confused self hard in the face and walk away without so much as an explaination as to my presence there.


Cassie~ It is a time of amazing and overwhelming change as your high school career comes to an end. You are more ready than you realize for the next stage, though. Don't be afraid to jump in and enjoy the college expereince. Just like high school, you will probably only have this opportunity once. The transition is somewhat like the transition from elementary school to middle school. No one is going to hold your hand or tell you what to do, but there are so many people who will gladly help you if you ask. As you pursue your college degree, remember that every class, every homework assignment and every late-night study session is a stepping stone leading to your future. Always keep your goals in mind, but enjoy each of the steps along the path to get there. You will do great! With love~ Me


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that college is the first step in providing a better life for me and my future family. It takes a lot of time and dedication, but knowing I can accomplish anything I set my mind to is the best feeling in the world. I would also tell myself that there will be a lot of setbacks as I?m pursuing my degree, but overcoming them makes me a better person and the reward of accomplishment that much sweeter.


If I could go back in time to my high school senior year, I would tell myself to not to be afraid to work in groups with new people. I would also tell myself to meet with my future college counselors just to obtain a better understanding of my future college and have a better college experience.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself during my senior year in high school I would tell myself to keep up the hard work. I would make sure I told myself that college is everything I hoped it would be and more. I would tell myself, "You've worked really hard to get to where you are today but don't stop now. College is no cake-walk. There are going to be people every step of the way trying to make you fail and the world is a lot bigger than Westwood High School's campus. You're going to be out of the group home soon and on your own, make sure your ready. Focus on school. Knowledge is the only thing that can't be taken from you. Oh, and start applying for scholarships now because college is excrutiatingly expensive and you can only make so much money waiting tables."


I would explain how much more difficult it is to attend college as an adult while working full-time and taking care of a home. Had I went to college just after high school I would have my degree and could be in medical school right now rather than working on an associates at 32 years old. I've had to give up on the dream of becoming an MD due to the limited amount of time I have and the length of schooling required. As a student in high school I was afraid of the large debt I would incure for college at such a young age. I did not understand enough about the student loan process to make a truly informed decision. If I could return in time and talk to myself I would explain the student aid available for college students in a easily understandable fashion. I would encourage myself to start college right away even if it is just to get the basic classes out of the way before deciding on a major. Life flys by quickly. Before you know it, you're the 32 year old in a class full of 20 year olds.


If I could have the opportunity to go back in time to give myself tip before I get to college, I would tell myself to try and get the best grades possible, your GPA is a very important thing to your college life. I would tell myself to apply for every scholarship there is, free money will help you get though college alot easier because college expenses are no joke! I would finish by telling myself to stay focus on your main objective and do give up because at the end it will all pay off!


You must try your best not to sleep in the Psychology 101 class. For this class, make sure to read the chapters carefully and really study for this class so we could get a better grade for it as part of our GPA. Also, make sure to save your money and not waste it on buying video games for yourself and the younger brother, because he has enough games as it is. Be prepared for the future at Mesa Community College, I should've taken a summer class or two, but now for my second year at this school, I plan to take a summer class. I think it would be better to have done it the summer before also, so I could get the credits I need quickly to transfer to Arizona State University. Get plenty of rest, don't be lazy, and always do your best.


I would tell my self not only to take college seriously and let that be your main focus in life, but also I would let my self know that to make sure to become close to your professor, because they may be able to help you outside of the classroom as well as inside the classroom.


I would walk right up to myself and say, Paul stop spending all your extra time talking to girls and hanging out with your friend. High school is a opportunity to prepare yourself for bigger and better things. How big and how much better is up to you! Everything you want in this world will not just fall at your feet, you need to go get it!. So try not as much TV and read a book. No not a comic or a playboy! Something that makes your mind work. Also, do something constructive with your time, you are not as busy as you think. So join a club or do some volunteer work. These thing may take away from your HS social life yet it will help you the rest of your real life, by building a work ethic you can carry with you to college and the work place. also clubs and after school activates look great on your transcripts! Paul your happiness is right in front of you take it, its yours! And it always has been! You just need to go get it.


Community college is not for you, the classes are too easy. Try to go to a university and apply for schollarships while you are still here. Don't let a lack of funds and an undecided major keep you from challenging yourself. It is much easier to find schollarships as a highscool student than it is as a freshmen in college who wants to transfer before she has any useful classes under her belt. You haven't considered NAU, look at the courses offered, they have athletic training. Wink Wink. Good luck, I hope you don't dwel on your boyfriend being left here while you go away to college, because staying close to him is a waste of time. Flagstaff is beautiful. Lack of funds and a guy you don't want to leave isn't enough to keep you here. Have a great year, I'll be waiting for you in the future.


never quit....finish school you cant go anywhere or do anything without a college degree, life is tough but never give can do it dream can be anything you want just keep going especially when it gets tough, the only one keeping you down is you. people come and go stick with school, because your smart if you dont finish you'll lose the passion for learning and give up. dig deeper you love school, you love learning and helping God didn't make you to quit. keep going....never stop it's in you to do what you want it's in you to strive for more...get it done


College requires much more self-motivation than high school did. You are graduating now because you completed your assignments by their given deadlines with an occasional extra credit project thrown in. What I didn't realize was that college professors were not going to give assignments the way high school teachers did. This meant attending class and taking notes, doing exercises from the books, asking the instructors about things I didn?t understand, studying and prepping for tests, etc. I quickly learned that while my instructors didn?t require any of that, passing my classes did. Also, getting a credit card can be a smart decision if you're smart with it. Ony use it for things you need right away, but still have to wait for payday. For examle, your gas light comes on, but checks don't come in for another few days. Other than that, if you don't have enough cash on your debit card or in your wallet leave the item at the store. If it's still there when you come back after payday then it was ment to be!


Dear Sandy, I know that your life has been difficult up till now, and you're not even thinking that college is an option even though it's something that you want very much, but please reconsider before you give up. If you work an extra job and go talk to the personel at the college maybe you will be able to find a way to attend. It will be much easier now while your high school education is still fresh in your mind. With divorce rate as high as it is you want to have the only real security a woman can have in the 1960's and that is an education. You don't want to look back with regret when your unable to support a family that you might be left with. Remember, education is not having to learn everything the hard way.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to stop and rethink my decision. I made the choice to go away to an in-state university, which ended up being the most frustrating and costly mistake I have ever made. In fact the advice I tell everyone I know who has graduated since is to go to community college first, especially if you have no idea what major/degree you would like to pursue. Universities are too expensive and unforgiving to be used to "find yourself". I wish that I had taken the time to recognize the resources I had at home and used them to their fullest before wasting a year of my life.