Messiah College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


My overall opinion of this school is that it's better than the school I almost went to.


I love my school. Ever since my first visit as a junior in high school I have loved this school. The education department is by far the best I've seen, the staff is super friendly, and the overall atmosphere is so loving.


The best thing about Messiah i think is the location of the campus, in the middle of no where.. there always something going on campus with different clubs. The cool thing is Harrisburg is only 25 min away, Philly is only two hours away and NYC about two hrs as well. DC is only hour and alf away so... The size of the school is perfect under 3000 students. I have great reactions for those who knows the school. I spent a lot of times at my dorms, hanging out with students, working on different projects helping out in the community. The administration is great when you face them. Speak your mind at MC. I think Messiah is now afraid of loosing a lot of their credits so they are doing anything they can do to adjust and please the student body. In the same token they are trying to protect their values which they have been pretty successful at. They keep their mandatory chapel policies, strict visitation hours, no alcohol on campus. I think they school take pride in where they are going and how they are getting there, again a female president is awesome. I had better experience with the previous president than the current one, but i hear great things about her and i hang out with her a few times. She is super cool! My best experience at MC is my first semester if it was not for great faculties and students i would probably quit college. it was hard for me, one of my prof took me to watch a baseball game for the first time ever in the state. Students complains about visitation hours, mandatory chapels... Unusual...? can't think of any.. I have to say last this school is one of the top well known to send their students to study abroad and mission work. They sent you to the top universities around the world, i am talking about Oxford in England, Science Po in Strasbourg, France, to name a couple; i study in France and it was the best experience of my life. I was able to find my voice for human rights, politics and photography while studying in France.