Methodist University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A shy person who doesnt like to drink and party.


The kind of person that should attend this school is the type of person that is active in sports and wants to take an active roll in there education. The type of student that is willing to do the work and also have a great college experience while doing it.


Any person who wants to obtain a degree in a varying range of fields should attend Methodist University. Methodist offers the Professional Golf Management program which helps students to become a PGA golf professional. Methodist is one of only a select few schools that offer this program. This school has a sort of small town feeling because it only has about 2,000 students. The weather in North Carolina is also beautiful.


The kind of person which should attend this school is a person who is interested in staff that care about he or she. Everyone here comes from a different walk of life and everyone has experienced emotions that are different from others. Here students can come together as one community and share in triumphs and turmoils together and rejoice in the fact that professors know them by their first and last names rather than just as a number. At Methodist University anyone can get a personal relationship with their professors if they come here.


Methodist University would be a good choice for a traditional or nontraditional student who is used to being close to home, but still wanting to experience a little bit of a city life. Most of my friends, including myself are from small towns in North Carolina. We all enjoy going out during the week, but all enjoy being able to get home whenever we please.