Methodist University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The type of person that expects the best of everything. If they are not patient. If the person does not want to work for their grade and if the person does not want to be well rounded. If the person has strong liberal views.


A person that should not attend Methodist University is one who is apathetic. "Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings." says Salvador Dali. Showing a concerned passion for one's future is a vital element for succeeding in college. One must be prepared to work hard for their success and achievement.


Methodist works best for someone who is willing to take an active role in designing their education. If a student is passive or willing to simply follow the safe, well-trodden path outlined in by the school and major requirements he/she will miss out on the enrichment offered by interdisciplinary work. MU is a small school with a faculty and staff that will get to know each student and be able to call him/her out on innadequate performance. Students looking to skate by, get a degree, and get out should not attend this school.


This question does not exsist. You could be the most close-minded person to all of what our school stands for, but I guarantee that you won't be after one semester at Methodist University. Sure it may be a small school, but the student and facuilty here invites everyone with opened arms. No one here should feel left out, or like they don't fit in. Anyone should be allowed to attend this school and to personally experience the passion and drive that exsists here at Methodist University!


A person that shouldn't attend this school is a person that likes a big school with lots of people and activities


People that think college is their first chance of freedom and intend to drink or party continuously with the attitude that class and "the real world" come second to their lives should not attend Methodist University. Methodist is a university designed for those who want to graduate and do something with their lives. That opportunity starts with the Freshman year here. Students cannot just pick up the required classes they need their Senior year here after they have spent the past 3 years partying. Students must work from the beginning.


Methodist has a little something for everyone. I believe that everyone can fit in here. I do believe if you are looking for a large population and a environment that is less emotionally attached Methodist may not be the place for you. Our classes are small and our teachers are very involved in our lives. They really know you and how you think. I think that is a great part of Methodist but some may differ.


A person who wants to work hard and meet new people. You will meet new people that will become your life long freinds. Also if you like small class sizes then this school is for you!