Methodist University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before coming to this school I did not know I would have to pay extra fees for athletics and equipment every year I participate in the sport. Also with my Athletic Training major I have to pay a couple hundred dollars a year for clothing. Lastly I wish I knew the school could increase the tuition every year by upwards of $2000 a year.


How much harder it is to be disciplined in my studies. I wasn't quite prepared for how hard I'd have to work to make the grade here.


how to fill out all the information to get into the school, because appearently im by myself on it.


To work hard in my middle and high school years keeping a high grade point average. To be more involved in community service and to start applying for scholarships as early as my first year of high school.


I wish I would have known how bad the cafeteria food was.


That the guy/girl ratio was so vast, the PGMers are like a cult.


I really wish I would've realized how hard it is to be a adult in my 30's and to go back to school. I am a mother and a wife at home and I find it difficult to relate to the younger kids that are just entering school. My outlook on life and my priorities are much different than so people who are going to college for the first time and they seem to be very interested in the social aspect whereas I am focused on my education.


I wish I had known the financial aid office and the business office never communicate with each other,so you have to go back and forth between them to get things done,and they're kinda far apart.


I wish I had known every form of finacial aid avalible before I had attended this school. The first semester was mainly an out of pocket expense and I had to find out how to look for more financial aid.