Metropolitan Community College Area Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Please stay in school. I cannot stress enough how easy it is for you now as opposed to being an adult and trying to delegate tasks to children, what kind of sleep you miss out on and how much work affects your life. There is just not enough time in the day. Stay in school, complete a program. It doesn't have to be special, just get a degree in anything and youll figure out the rest along the way. It doesnt have to be now. The time will be there to learn and grow and discover who you are and what you want.


Advice that I would give to myself as a highschool senior 5 years ago would be to actually focus on school. It may sound cliche, but education really is a treat because ignorance is not always bliss. Growing up you will hear mother say "Stay in school, do your homework, don't drop out" ect., LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER! I am now a single mother, wishing I could go back in time to get the education to provide for my daughter. By now I could have graduated, looking toward buying a house, romance and partying can wait. Being able to provide for my daughter is the inspiration and drive for success.


I would of encouraged myself to work more and focus on my priorities more. College is the real life and you can do great things! I am the first in my family to attend college so not knowing much of anything about college was frustrating but I was able to use my resources and get through the first steps. I would of told myself that my future looks very bright if I continue to keep my mind right! I also would of told myself that I can do whatever I want to if I stick my mind to it. Another word of advice I would of told myself was to study general courses until I was completely sure what I wanted to major in. Otherwise I am very satisfied with my choice of college and attending MCC.




As a senior in high school, I was choosing between pursuing a career in professional ballet and giving it up to go to college full time. Although I chose to pursue ballet for two years, I spent an equal amount of time pushing myself in my college applications to rigorous schools as well as my training in ballet. The advice I would give my high school senior self would be to continue learning how to study independently and never settle for anything less than being as successful as possible in the hardwork and hours upon hours you are putting in. I would say to myself that there is nothing more satisfying than standing at high school graduation and knowing that you did every thing possible to achieve the highest grades you could physically reach, and that you should do the same thing for your college education. You should spend every waking hour of your college life thinking about how you can maximize your education and maximize your time with the people you will meet, because before you know it, you will be graduating and wondering what more you could have done to expand your knowledge.


To not overwhelm yourself and try to take on more work than you should. I would tell myself to take my time and focus on getting the best grades I could and not worry about impressing anyone else or trying to take on too much of a courseload.


?Time; itself is the greatest teacher of all, but unfortunately it only teaches a lesson after it has passed by.?(R. Jawaid) If I could go back in time to my senior year of high school, I would advice myself to utilize the resources and to follow the advice my senior?s gave me. First, I would prep more seriously for the ACT and SAT exam than I actually did. I didn?t realize how important the ACT and SAT score results are until I enrolled in college. Also, I would taken full advantage of the Advance Placement courses and Metro Community College?s ?Bridge to Success? program by planning and taking college GenEd courses that are required for my major in elementary education. Most importantly, I would improve my writing skills and learn to write better essays so I can effectively apply for scholarships to pay for college. If I would have followed my own advice earlier, then I could have prevented the hassle which I go thought now to financially support my education. But, since I have already made the mistakes, the best thing to do now is to learn my lesson and not to repeat it again.


First of all I would start by saying that you should not waist anytime in high school. Starting as a freshman you should work your hardest and always put in your best effort. Even though it might seem like you have four years to get good grades, it all starts off as being freshman. I thought that I could just slack on my work as as a freshman and sophmore and as a junior, and then try my hardest as a senior. That is not how it works and I had to learn the hard way for myself. Yes your junior year is the most important year, but all the other years are important also. You have to keep your grades up. It is such a rewarding feeling when you get your diploma on the day that you graduate. You feel like that all your hard work has paid off.


From structured days with teachers guiding you to complete your homework, to four hours in a classroom and then freedom to conduct yourself how you choose - this is how I would describe the transition from highschool to college. Life is full of stress and complications. In highschool you must attend, you must do your homework, and you must pass. In college you may attend, you may do your homework, and you may pass. If you achieve a higher education it is not dependent on your parents or your professors, it is wholly dependent on you. Time is a valuable asset or a well concealed enemy. Use time to do your homework and align yourself with your goals. No one is responsible for your success or your failure but you.


Coming out of high school, I was not very excited about continuing on, to go and do more schooling. I am 33 years old now, and almost 1/2 way through to my Associates, and I am loving every minute of it. If I could go back and tell myself that going to college right out of high school will get me my degree and on the path of life that I choose, instead of listening to my inner self and want to go and have fun with friends all the time, partying. I think that if I would have chosen to continue right out of high school, things would be a lot more stable. Although I am feeling really good about school now, I do wish that I would have went sooner.


As I was graduating from high school I knew what I wanted to do with my life; be a photographer. I applied for art schools and got in. My dreams seemed to be becoming a reality. Then summer rolled around and I thought to myself, " I can't move! Ill miss my family, my friends, my home." So I settled. I stayed and went to the local University for a year, which didn't even provide a photography program. Then the next year I switched to community college where there was a program, but it still wasn't my dream school. If I could go back to my senior year I would tell myself to follow my dreams. Ive always had a great support team, people standing behind me. I would tell myself to take things more seriously and to accomplish my goals and not put them on the backburner. Life can only be as great as you make it and if you settle you will be unhappy. Take opportunities, take chances, take a leap of faith and in the end youll be able to look back at your life and be proud of what you have acomplished.


If I was given the opportunity to go back in time and tell myself as a high school senior what to expect or what to do as a college student I wouldn't. Part of me would want to save myself the trouble, and make things a bit easier, but I wouldn't have that experience, and I wouldn't have truly learned. Like my mother says, "What is easiest isn't always right, sometimes what is most difficult is the right thing path to take." And see my mother tried to warn me, but I didn't really hear what she was saying to me. I believe that I needed to learn what I learned, and making it any easier on myself would have only hurt me growth not only with my education, but also as a individual. You should always be prepared, and that's what I believe college is, but you don't genuinly learn something until you experience it for yourself.


I would advise myself to take more initiative. I was always very low-key and relaxed, just letting the chips fall where they may. Actually, I'd probably more than give advice; I might physically smack some sense into myself. If I would have started gathering information at an earlier date, my whole experience would have been a lot smoother. Especially in the financial aid department. Waiting last second is the absolute worst thing you can do, but it's also difficult to take your first steps if you don't know what direction you're going in. I don't think my high school did a very good job of preparing me for college any further than in education. So maybe foremost, I would advise myself to have a nice long chat with a counselor.


Now that I am more than double my high school age, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't wish I could have done what I am doing now "Nursing". I would say, the army offered to pay for you to be a nurse, just do it. You have so many choices ahead. You could attend College of Saint Mary's or another college, without having to burden your parents. It wasn't always about how much I would have cost them if I attended college. I thought I was keeping them out of debt, never really understanding how I would have got alot of help to get in to college. That getting into college is so much more than the endless tourture of trying to fit in of high school.


Imagine this; it?s your senior year of high school. You are the editor of the yearbook, president of three clubs, principal?s aide and captain of the tennis team. You are so busy pleasing everyone else that you forget to live for yourself. It must be pretty hard to imagine that for most people, but not me. Everything that I mentioned was everything that I was, I was living for everyone and forgetting that it was my make it or break it year. If I could go back to my senior year I have a list of things that I would change. The most important thing is; I would have picked an established four-year college and done everything imaginable to get accepted. The second thing is; I would have saved more money. I never realized college was so expensive, especially with a minimum paying job and no financial help from anyone. The third thing is; I would dropped some of my extracurricular activities. I was so intent on helping everyone that I was hurting myself and my future. However, my senior year experience has led me to my career; Secondary Education. I want to inspire and change lives.


Please stop assuming that everything will get handed to you on a silver platter. Work your butt off! Pay attention in Math class, trust me, you will need it later! Start researching colleges right away! Have fun!


College is an adventure unlike any other. It is filled with new friendships and oppurtunities. It is important to never give up on any of your goals, but also not overload yourself with too many goals at one time. College is not as easy as high school, and presents many new challenges to overcome. Making sure that your major is the one you will want to spend the rest of your life doing is always a good idea; so take courses in anything you may be interested in even if you are sure of what major you want. Life changes fast once out of high school and even with all the growing you have already done, there is still much more to come. Do not ever assume that you know best, but instead be open to new ideas and listen to everyones opinion; they may add insight you had never before thought of. However, most importantly be true to yourself and study hard, open your books, read your notes, and ask for help when you need it; there is no limit to your accomplishments, so reach for the stars.


If I were to go back and tell myself anything, it would be to express the importance of a college education for women. Although many women think that they will just get married and have babies, thus becoming stay at home moms, women should definitely have any education to fall back on. Not only does an education provide a person with skills to get a job and provide for oneself financially, but it increases self esteem and independence.


Self, don't go to community college, go strait to a university.