Metropolitan State University of Denver Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


My school is inexpensive and the classroom sizes are small. Those are just two things that I brag about to my friends that go to other universities, like CSU and CU, which are both expensive and have way more students than MSU. With the inexpensive prices, I can afford to go to school, without accumulating massive amounts of debt. With the small classroom sizes, I feel like I'm learning more from my professors, and taking more from the class then just a notebook full of lecture notes. I have the best of both worlds at my school.


The diversity and location being right next to downtown Denver.


The thing I brag about the most when telling my friends about my school is graduation rate. How people actually finish.


I brag about how big the school is. The campus is very large and it houses three different schools. This is great becuase it offers multiple degree feilds, and the schools share classes. this opens up a more broad selction of classes that a student can take becaues there are three schools that share certain classes. I also brag that it is a 5 minute walk to downtown Denver. So if you have large breaks during the day you can walk down there and visit many parks, an outdoor mall, and may other interesting activities that Denver has to offer.


What I learn in different subjects.


Sadly nothing. The only good thing was it was in downtown denver so the night life was pretty awesome. I didn't like the school though so i transferred.


AMAZING location! Right in the heart of the city, absoluetly amazing views and the people that run the school are super nice.


It has good teachers who still do research with me. I received a ton of scholarships and awards.


I brag about the transportation. Paying a semesters tuition includes a RTD light rail pass which I can use to manuver downtown. I also brag about my favorite teachers to my friends.


I tell my friends that I love being able to take the classes I want to take. I actually enjoy going to school now. And taking classes that only last a semester are awesome you never get sick of what you're doing this way.


That the campus is diverse and allows all kinds of people to attend school there.


I really enjoy that there are so many other students my age who have gone back to school in thier twenties. It helps me feel that I am not the only person who took time off after high school. I like to brag about the fact that all of the friends I have made share simmilar stories of disliking school early on but are happy to be going again now that we are all more mature.


The support system that they have here is the best ever.


when Talking about metro i like to tell my friends about the diversty of the campus as well as being centrally located. Being a state college that caters to lower income members of our city really allows us to find various opinions and freethinking individuals. Plus being downtown its easy to locate resources and find ways to cool off in your downtime.


It's cheap, but offers better academics than the other Colorado state schools.


How it feels like a big campus but class size is small.