Metropolitan State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Metropolitan State University?


I am a returning older student and have found this school feels right for the older student. I am able to connect with the student who is taking the night classes after work as i am also doing. Because of the majority of students trying to complete their degree while working enables me to fell this is right for me.


Adult students who are serious about earning their undergraduate or graduate degree. Those who have just graduated high school have a different experience than those who are adult students.


Metropolitan State University is suited for students who are looking to further their education or those who are uncertain for where they want to go in life. This school understands the reality and obstacle of life to help promote success for indiviuals where they are at.


Someone that is working and going to school and needs the flexibilty with day and evening courses. It is a nice school for both traditional and nontraditional students with a wide reange of courses.