Miami University-Hamilton Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


The quality of education here is on par with the education with the main campus. Many of the professors that teach on the main campus also teach in Hamilton. You can get a very similar education, without having to pay the tuition costs of the Oxford campus.


The students aren't very diverse and most of them have no interaction with Miami Oxford students. Because I attend both Miami Oxford and Miami Hamilton, I had thought more students would be in a similar situation. Though the education on both campuses is wonderful, the students that only attend Oxford seem to look down on those that attend the regional campuses. Also, the party atmosphere on the Oxford campus can be a bit wild and distracts students who have to walk by it to get to class or work. There have been some recent problems with this.


Before attending Miami University- Hamilton, I wish I had a better understanding of how difficult it would be for me to have to drive to school every day and the strain it would have on my car.. Also, I wish I had been given more information regarding scholarships as I am struggling to find a job and my mother is a single parent who is doing everything she can to help me pay for college right now.


I wish I would have known that in order to take many classes, and truly get the complete education I want, I will have to relocate to the main Miami University campus in Oxford, OH.