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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


It can be pretty accurate at times, however, there are so many students here that break that mold. Yes, greek life is prominent but not even 30% of students are in greek life here, so don't be discouraged. You can totally be yourself, however, sometimes you wonder...


The stereotype of students at Miami is, to be insanely blunt (and not in an attempt to be offensive in any way), a lot of students from China. And it's actually remarkably accurate as the percentage of international students from China is close to 30%. One of the best things about Miami University is the amount of international students. It's a positive in many ways, and not just for university exposure, but also for students. We're introduced to students from all over the world which changes ones perspective about, well, anything and everything.


There definitely are people at Miami who fall into the stereotype of rich, white kids. But at the same time, there are people who definitely don't fall into the stereotype. It really depends on where you look.


Yes. everyone seems to be the same person. All they talk about is how drunk they got last night and how awesome Kid Cudi is.


For the most part. You can always find people who are different, and no matter what you are like there's a place and group to fit into. Having said that, the vast majority of the student body fits the stereotype of the typical "Maimi Student": preppy, rich-bitch, white christian conservatives


More explanation about the prep stereotype.


A student goes into some specifics regarding what students wear at Miami.


A student talks more about the prep stereotype.


A miami student describes the "polo and pearls" stereotype at Miami.


Lindsey talks about the conservative stereotype.


Kevin talks about the wealthy/vain stereotype.


The Miami "snotty" stereotype is discussed.


A Miami student talks about the wealthy sterotype.


John talks about the curriculum stereotype.


Harry describes some of the stereotypes about Miami.


at times yes. I think that everywhere has a stereotype for a reason, however, there are a lot of people who are not the typical stereotype.


Its true that Miami has a fairly attractive student body. And a lot of students are preppy. But as you will find at any college, there are all different types of people at Miami. And just because students dress "preppy," doesn't mean they have the snobby attitudes associated with doing so.


I think most of these stereotypes are pretty accurate.




For the most part, it seems that way. Being a girl who wasn't the average size 6 was rough and it seemed like people were always staring at me. The partying, however, is 100% accurate.




I found both of these stereotypes false. Students wore the same type of clothing as students at any other college. Obviously there are some rich kids at Miami, like you see some students driving pretty nice cars, but not everyone. There are people who seem like the typical college student who does not have a ton of money. I never ran in to anyone that was snobby either.


pretty much


They can be accurate for some people, but overall it is easy to find many students who don't fit that stereotype. I have met so many nice people there.


Some but not all.




Not entirely, but pretty close. The general income at Miami is definitely upper upper middle class, and it's really common to see the UGG boots and Northface, but the personality of the student body is generally very nice, you just have to be willing to try to forget about the stereotype and get to know the people for who they are, not what they're wearing. As for the wanna be Ivy League, that's probably just because the campus is SO pretty and it looks like an Ivy League.


there are the select few who are like that but its not at all how everyone on campus is


This stereotype is very true, but there are the outliers.


there is some truth to every stereotype. i was nervous coming in because of what i had heard regarding the stereotypes. my experience has been that while there definitely people who fit these molds, there are a lot of people who don't. although i will say, there are a lot of beautiful girls at miami.


The stereotypes are somewhat accurate but not as negative as they may seem. Yes, many Miami students and their families are wealthy, however, it does not mean that the students are rude. I have met lots of great people at Miami, and although it sometimes has an uppity feel, it's not something that I haven't felt when I've visited other schools. It's just the nature of college.


I don't believe these stereotypes are accurate. The majority of Miami Hamilton students chose the branch because its either closer to home or cheaper than Miami Oxford.




For the most part, but obviously not 100% true.


no, although there may be some people on Miami's campus that fit this sterotype, not everyone at Miami is like that...there is a place for everyone to fit in


Yes and no. You can find people who are the stereotype... but you can find some who aren't


Mostly, becuase people try to conform to them


For the most part; However, Miami is making every effort to increase diversity in its student body population


Just like any other stereotype, they are true to an extent. Everyone at Miami is not your typical preppy frat boy or sorority girl. Although you see some of them walking around campus, this stereotype is based on a very small percentage of students. Our campus is small and very pretty especially in the fall. Almost every single building is brick and everything matches. It is very difficult to get into Miami and our business school has consistently been ranked in the top 20 business schools in the nation. The nightlife is a little more upbeat than other schools. Most people meet uptown around midnight and it is very likely to see lots of people you know when you are out. Oh and I almost forgot to mention Miami is known to be one of the best at Hockey and Syncronized Skating. Football, not-so-much, since Big Ben left.


Miami isn't very diverse. A lot of the students are pretty wealthy but not all of them are.


Absolutely not. There are plenty of people at Miami's campus who defy these stereotypes, myself included. I have not fel tthe pressure to get wasted or wear expensive clothing in order to make a name for myself at Miami University, and my experience in Oxford has been AWESOME!


For a certain segment of the population, some of these things do ring true. You're likely to find a North Face, ipod, and/or ugg boots in the majority of closets on campus, but this is a superficial picture and doesn't necessarily characterize the intelligence or personality of Miami or its students.


see below


Yes. Very much so. Although there are "normal" students here, they don't tend to stand out amongst the Ugg boots, popped collars, and North Face Jackets. And yes, people really are that shallow that their circle of friends is defined by what they wear. However, most of my friends are not like this, so yes, there are normal people at Miami.


No, there are people from all sorts of life styles and everyone has their own individual style. Yes, there are a lot of preppy people but not all 15,000 students are preppy.


Hardly. I have met countless people from a different backgrounds, and who refuse to mold themselves into what a Miami student is "supposed to be." While I do see a majority of the same kinds of people, I have chosen to seek out others who are different, and to embrace all that Miami does have and tries to give to its students to make their college careers the absolute best. The school has an incredible faculty, that is generally very in tune to students needs and the classes are often small enough that students can have a familiar relationship with their professors. Miami also has so much to do outside of academics, and it is in these extra curricular activities that I have found the diverse and multi-faceted aspects of the university.


If you spend four years at Miami and do not realize that you do not have to conform to the stereotypes, you may have missed out on what I love the most about this University. The lectures, the professors, and a vast majority of the students come from a diversity of backgrounds and have diverse and open minded world views. You have to find the part of you that is diverse and open minded, and capitalize upon that. Attend lectures, challenge what people say, and you might find that you have a stronger foundation on which to excel in life.


I think the stereotypes are completely unfounded, Miami students dress to impress when they have to, otherwise we're in t-shirts and sweats to class or to hang out with friends. Miami students are one of the first ones you'll find to make fun of the stereotype pinned on this campus, as "the Miami girl" is a favorite Halloween costume.


I may be biased, but being one of the kids who wasn't into fashion I felt a bit like a fish out of water. Besides clothing, I feel like the Greek Life is really inclusive and that people who have their own opinions are not necessarily disliked, but aren't favored.


For the most part -- the "snooty" label is overrated, though. People just don't tend to go out of their way to talk to you, but if you bother to talk to them, conversation happens. Sometimes you have to be willing to be the ice-breaker, rather than waiting for people to break your ice.

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