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Describe the students at your school.


There is every type of person you can imagine that goes here. All deserve to go here just like you and all of them can be capable of the same thing.


Many individuals, however, you can get involved and get connected by reaching out.


Most people on campus are friendy, and very diverse.


My colleagues are diverse in the sense that some are fraternity members, some work two jobs, some teach or assistant teach, some come from wealthy backgrounds, some are also in the military, on-campus/off-campus/with parents, and so on.


Some truly care and are involved, some just get by, and others don't care at all.


Full of school spirit and charisma.


Everyone that I have met at Michgan State University is very friendly. Coming in to MSU I didn't know what ot expect and I was scared of making friends. Yet, within a week on campus I met some of the best people I could ever hope to be friends with. In my classes, many people are willing to help me with homework and projects. I have yet to meet anyone who is downright rude. I also love the diversity of cultures and people on campus. I am so proud to be a Spartan.


At first it was scary for me to walk into a class of 500 without being nervous. I slowly started letting my guard down and opening up to the people around me. I am so glad I did this because I started making friends right away. Everybody was so friendly anytime I had a conversation with them. I have always been a shy person, but I acquired more confidence as the semester passed. I even formed study groups with some of my classmates, which helped boost our grades in the class.


Friendly, but ignorant. Do not really care and are unaware


Some are friendly while other are much more agressive.


I have not been to college yet, so I can't offer a perspective.


My classmates are very passionate but they also know how to have fun.


My classmates awesome-sauce, hardworkers who brighten my day.


At Michigan State the students are dedicated to education; an environment where pride, honor, and humility only complement.


They are just like my highschool classmates, with more diversity and better life stories.


My classmates were diverse, funny, and interested in both academics and social life. I could meet people from all over the US and the world. I had friends who lived at home and friends who lived in frats and friends who were married with children. I had friends who played varsity sports and friends who used wheelchairs.


My classmates are very helpful and willing to help another peer succeed. This is especially notible when we're working in groups, or when we're required to participate in online grouo discussions. They help me to see different perspectives aside from my own which broadens and shapes my learning of that certain subject or issue that the professor is currently lecturing about. They also form study guides which the entire class of 200+ students create which helps a lot for exams!


My classmates are a healthy balance of being both studious and vivacious.


My classmates are friendly, attentative, and respectful.


Watch my video!


My classmates usually consist of about 400-500 people so it is almost impossible to describe them in one word and so I will say that they all usually have a common goal of success.


They are absolutely the most hardworking, dedicated, passionate, intelligent, insightful, kind, fun, helpful and respectful individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing since my beginnings at James Madison College at Michigan State University.


My classmates generally tend to be upbeat and positive about their education and Michigan State.


My classmates have always been friendly and helpful.


My classmates at Michigan State were awesome. Everyone was helpful in more ones than one. Some of my classmates are still my friends til this very day, and we still look out for each other as far looking for jobs, attending weddings, etc. It is best to find classmates with the same interests that you have. It will make your time there fly past, and you will have learned a lot in the process.


I don't know my classmates, usually classes are too big to get to know anyone on a personal level.


My classmates are friendly, intelligent, artistic and awesome.




The students here have many different backgrounds. I feel that anyone that would come here would find someone they feel comfortable around. There are many different groups here on campus and I do not believe anyone would feel left out. Some students care a lot aboout appearances and they some dont so whatever you wear will seem fine to someone although most students wear a simple shirt and pants for guys and mayne a dress or a nice shirt and shorts for girls. The four tables I would describe would be jocks, scholars, fantasy game players, and an average joe table. I have not really talked much with people about how much they will earn but I am sure it is on everyones mind.


As far as students, there is some of everything. No exaggeration either. You can find everything in the student body of MSU. In general though, I would describe the students as outgoing and kind.


MSU has an extremely diverse body of students. There is a club or group for any sort of way you could differentiate people. I feel that the student body is dispersed through many different cultures, ethnicity, and religions. It would be very easy to come from pretty much any background and be able to fit in and find others similar to you, if you wished. Also, many of the students are friendly and welcoming so meeting new people is very easy. Most students dress pretty casually for class. Usually it is just jeans and t-shirts or tank tops with sweaters.


Students at MSU all have Spartan pride. We all seem to share the love we have for our school. There are students from Michigan, as well as the rest of the US, along with international students.


Like I said before, there are students of all races, ethnicities, and backgrounds all over campus. No students should feel out of place. I guarantee there are 50 more students in your situation and you can befriend them easily through groups or clubs. During the winter, everyone wears sweatpants and hoodies. During the spring, its all about the shorts and T-shirts. I would say that most students come from a middle class family, such as myself.


There are a lot of different people here, because the school is so big. No one would feel out of place at MSU. People wear many different things to class, from suits to pajamas. Most kids are about "average" in financial background.


MSU is very racially diverse and LGBT friendly. You can find a club or organization for virtually ANY type of interest on camous. Most students are fairly casual when coming to class, however upperclassmen are often getting closer to having a career and you may seem them dressing more business-appropriate when heading to class. You will interact with so many different types of people when you arrive at this school, and I have never seen anyone shun a certain race or pick fights with others. I would say that most students are middle-class and are very aware of others' feelings, and tend to be very mature about differences.


MSU students are the best part about the school. The size of the student body ensures that you will be able to find many people with similar interests and hobbies. It's pretty hard to be lonely at this school. There is always something going on and people are always available to talk and hang out. The makeup of the students is similar to most B1G universities. The majority of students are white followed by Asian, black, and Hispanic. Everyone seems to get along nicely and there are rarely problems with race. MSU has a good mix that will expose you to all cultures and races over a 4-5 period. I have noticed that the foreign students from Asia sometimes form up into cliques and do not really get outside of them. I think this might just be a language and cultural barrier. Fortunately each dorm has a cultural aid to help students fit in and adjust quickly. Politically the school is much more diverse than normal. There is slight liberal feel to the campus, but a sizable portion of the student body is conservative. Whatever your views are there is likely a campus group that you can match up with. East Lansing is a considerably more conservative campus than Ann Arbor or Madison. There is a balance here that is not usually found in large universities. The financial make up of the students is mostly upper-middle class mixed with many other situations. You'll likely encounter students from all economic backgrounds. It doesn't seem to be an issue and is rarely brought up in conversation. I don't think I've ever really talked about it with my friends. Student interaction is a big thing on this campus. That is why you come to Michigan State over other B1G schools. The people here are friendly and it is easy to network and make connections. There are plenty of opportunities to hang out and party on the weekends once your work is done. Meeting people of the opposite sex is a breeze at this school and is probably the number #1 unsung asset of MSU. Speaking from a male perspective I had no trouble meeting girls. Like I said earlier, making connections here is easy. In an age when many people have resorted to online dating sites, college provides an essential opportunity to hone your skills and meet your soul mate. The girls at MSU tend to be much more attractive than at other schools (trying to be unbiased). Most girls here are fit, pretty, and easy to talk to, which makes it great for guys. I would assume that girls feel the same, but I can't speak for them. All in all State has a fantastic dating scene that will definitely satisfy a scholarly gentleman.


There are so many different groups of students at our school, it's extremely diverse. Anyone can find a club they are interested in. You can make this school as large or as small as you want. There is ALWAYS an opportunity to find something to do on campus. It doesn't matter who you are, where you came from, or what you hope to achieve, you will always find something that is up your alley.


Because of the diversity and size of Michigan State, there is no specific personality type that this school caters to. There are many different types of people and unless you are part of a hate geared group such as the KKK, I doubt you would feel out of place here. However, it is important to be outgoing, meeting people can be tough if you let a shy personality prevent you from making friends.


Michigan State has one of the most diverse campuses. With so many students we have a little bit of everything, from racial, religious, socio-economic, and gender differences. There are many students that are in-state but we have many out of state students as well as international students from China, India, Korea, etc. Diversity is important because no matter where you go in life, you will encounter people of difference backgrounds and you can learn from them. It gives you differences of opinion and various ideas. The diverse groups really help you grow and learn as you progress to your chosen careers.


Michigan State has one of the most diverse campuses. With so many students we have a little bit of everything, from racial, religious, socio-economic, and gender differences. There are many students that are in-state but we have many out of state students as well as international students from China, India, Korea, etc. Diversity is important because no matter where you go in life, you will encounter people of difference backgrounds and you can learn from them. It gives you differences of opinion and various ideas. The diverse groups really help you grow and learn as you progress to your chosen careers.


Friendly and willing to help.


There's a great balance between fun and studying.


Classmates are generally friendly, willing to share notes and form study groups, especially in smaller classes, and while some skip, most attend class and are actually there to learn.


Students who recognize we all share the same goal and are most likely to stop and help to make others feel welcomed in our spartan community.


My classmates are fun and intelligent people.


My classmates are achievers!


Diverse in habits, likes, dislikes, etc. so there is always someone you can relate to.


Hardworking, career-oriented individuals working to better themselves and others around them.


They appear to be frustrated with the professor the majority of the time and lose attention after 20 minutes.


Some are serious students who are here to focus on their academic career, others are here for a good time and could care less about studying. There are some at the middle ground between the two.

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