Michigan State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Michigan State University is best known for it's environmental research, world renouned educational programs, and it's sports teams.


Our school is best known for its basketball and football team as well as its agriculture basis. It is known for being a fun, "party" school as well. The packaging, education and criminal justice majors are known for being very good.


Sports, Education Program, Agriculture


Michigan State University is best known for a few things. Probaby the number one thing we are known for though is our athletics, especially basketball and football. We are talked about nationwide on channels like ESPN. A majority of ou varsity sports are consistently ranked high in the polls. But on the flip side, we are known for our academic programs too. Our Supply Chain Management and Teacher Education are ranked number one in the county as well as many of our other programs are topped ranked such as accounting, engnieering, and science.


For our mascot, Sparty.


Magic Johnson


I think we're known for a lot of things, mostly science and football.


Probably our football and basketball teams


Agricultural and enginering programs as well as one of the top education programs. Also since it is a Big Ten school we are know for our sports teams.


My school is best known for our fantastic programs, such as James Madison College, Lyman Briggs College, the Collge of Music and the College of Education. Michigan State University is known for giving students the best possible education to prepare them for the job world, instead of simply preparing them for tests and grades.


Every Night during Finals Week all the students at Midnight scream out their windows, this usually lasts 10-20 minutes. We also after every sporting event all join together and sway side to side singing the Alma Mater, MSU Shadows


There are so many things here at State that I love but I guess my favorite tradition would have to be every day there is a football game. It is tradition to have tailgating parties and activites to do before you go to a game. IT is always a fun time and many students love the atmosphere before, during, and after a game.


When I'm asked this question...the first thing that comes to mind is the excitement of football games in the fall! Even if you don't have tickets, many students simply enjoy tailgating and taking in all the sights and sounds each Saturday during home games. MSU has a lot of pride and school spirit, you certainly need to take part to get the full effect! Chants of GO GREEN and GO WHITE echo across the beautiful grounds of the West Circle neighborhood, and you might even see Sparty escorting the Spartan Marching band on their walk towards the stadium!


It is best known for it's Eli Broad College of Business and for having professors who are passionate about what they teach. Many of the professors would go out of their way to make sure you understood what was discussed in class. If not, they would setup after class study sessions.


Michigan State University is best known for its size as well as its diversity. Coming into Michigan State I was expecting to make all kinds of different friends and that is exactly what I have done. In the outside world I would have never expected to meet anybody other than African Americans but here at Michigan State I have come across some of every type of race.


It has been known to have a bad reputation for partying, but I think it really should be known for school spirit!


Michigan State University is best known for their academic success, College of Law, College of Education (Number one in the nation whoo-hoo!), their awesome football/basketball team, and many other cool things.


My school is very well known. People know of my school for athletics, especially our football team. We are known even more widely for our academic programs. The political program here, James Madison college, is among the top programs in the nation for what it does. Over 90% of the students graduating from this program get jobs straight out of the program.


Michigan State is best known as being a Big Ten school, and one of the largest campuses in the United States. The acedemics are held in high esteem and the classes at Michigan State are reconized as being challenging and labor intensive.


Sports teams, research, the Wharton Center (arts theater)


MSU is best known for its school pride and educational experiences through colleges, programs, and businesses.


Michigan State University is best known for being a part of the Big Ten and the strong influence college sports have on everyone in Michigan. It is also known for strong scientific research and an agricultural hertiage.


My School is best know for it's Agriculture. It was originally the only Agriculutral College in the United States. Now, aside from agriculture, it is big on engineering, nursing, and law.. and just about everything! :)


Michigan State University is best known for its amazing campus and the plethora of high academic credentials.


My school is known for its sports and for being the rival of the University of Michigan. Our basketball team is our best team. In the academic arena, my school is known for its residential colleges, James Madison and Lyman Briggs, one political science and the other natural science, respectively. Although James Madison is not an Ivy League school, it is recognized nationally by law schools as one of the best colleges for preparing students for law school from a state university.


In undergraduate studies MSU is known for the James Madison (political science/ pre-law) program and the Lyman Briggs ( science/ pre-med program). We also have an amazing Business school and education school. MSU is towards the top in schools that accept foreign students and is the nation's lead researcher for agricultural science. As of recent, we have surpassed MIT as the nation's top researcher for nuclear sciences for developing a facility that studies rare nuclear isotopes with a $550 million dollar grant from the federal government.


Michigan State University is known for many of it's programs. It excells in Chemistry, Education, Nutrition to name a few. It's campus is also known for hosting many foreign students from around the world.


Basketball team and Sparty


Michigan State University is best known for our enormous campus and large student body. Michigan State is actually one of the largest campuses in the United States. With such a large number of students, our campus is very diverse. Michigan State has a very large social aspect, with hundreds of clubs and organizations to participate in all over campus. Almost anything that a prospective student could be interested in is offered here at Michigan State. With such a large amount of diversity, you will meet people from every walk of life.


My school is best known for it's school spirit, beautiful campus, and a wide variety of people and majors. Think of anyone or anything in the world and you'll find it here at Michigan State University.


My school is in the midwestern Big Ten Conference, so we are definitely known for sports, especially football and basketball. On the academic side, we have a lot of business and science majors. We also have international students from six of the seven continents. There are a lot of cultural events and organizations on campus, as well as a campuswide effort to "Be Spartan Green."


I think it's a combination of our sports programs and certain academic programs. Our basketball team is top 10 in the country and our football team has gone to bowl games for the past 3 years. Also some of the academic programs are national ranked and they would be our veterinarian school, the agricultural college, and our criminal justice program.


Michigan State University is best known for its study abroad program, veterinary medicine program, and agriculture-related research opportunities.


my school is est known for its basketball team and coach as well as its agriculture


MSU is known as a large and reputable Big Ten university. Its Zoology/Veterinary/science programs are highly reputable, and MSU is one of the country?s leading innovators in alternative energies. MSU?s Business program is well-known and ranks first or second as the university that employers go to when looking for potential workers. MSU?s Education program is also highly reputable for producing quality teachers.


School is known for vets, hospitality business and packaging, sports for basketball.


To the general public, our football team is what we are best known for, but to the scientific community, in addition to our physics research at the Nation Supersconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL), we are also the home to the discovery of Cisplatin, which has become a vital constituent to the fight against cancer.


Veterinary medicine


The school is most well known in the sports world for Basketball, in academics it holds great value in Hospitality Business, Vet School, Packaging and journalism.


Our football and basketball teams. It's a big ten school!


My school is best known for its sports and its parties.


The spartans and sparty, most of all we are known for our beautifuk campus and outstanding academics


My school is known worldwide for its academics as well as its sports teams.


riots and being really big


I would say MSU is best known for the MSU Basketball team. Tom Izzo is a great coach and has led the team to the Final Four a few times! Go State!


In-state, probably the football rivalry between Michigan and State! But otherwise, we have a great veterinary program, as well as respectable business and law schools.


My school is best known for study aboard program. In Michigan State, you have so many choices of countries that you want to go study abroad. I want to apply to study aboard in Japan when I become a Junior. My friend who have been study abroad really want to go to other countries after they got back from one. Michigan State offer a really good opportunity for students who never been travel around that much to gain experience in different countries, student will enjoy seeing the different side of the world.




THe best thing about the school is the spirit. There is always some one to keep you having high hope.


Michigan State University is known for a couple of acedemic programs including our Veterinary Program, Agriculture, and Teaching Program. Also in recent years Michigan State has begun to be known for it's Athletic Program, especially Men's Basketball.

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